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This is an experimental Search Engine for all of the Track and Field E-mail archives from May 1993 until March 1996. The data was taken from the archives at Gustavus Adolphus College The engine is built from freewais .05 and wwwwais 2.5

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It supports boolean search of key words This WAIS search engine supports special operators. These include boolean operators 'and' and 'not', and partial word matches. Normally, if you type in two or more words it will find ALL articles that have ANY of the words. For example "mike stember" will find any articles that have "mike" or "stember" somewhere in the article. It would be better to type "mike and stember", which will find all articles that have both words in it. Literal string matching (surrounding something by quotes) is supposed to work.. but I haven't got it to work yet... E.G. if you type 'mike stember' it would look for the whole phrase 'mike stember'. Matti Hu's gopher search engine allows this. Unfortunately, Matti's data only goes back 3 months. Boolean searches: The terms 'and' and 'not' are effective in modifying the query. For example, Query: red and green not blue Result: just those records with both the words 'red' and 'green', excluding all records with the word 'blue'. a partial word will match all documents with words that start with the partial word. For example, Query: hum* Result: all records with 'hum', 'hummingbird', 'human', 'humbug', etc.

Matti-Hu's searcher

Besides the search engine Matti's page is a great way to read the last 3 months of track and field e-mail Track and Field recent archives

Here is the original data, and the gopher search engine which I just found out about... The gopher search can also use "and" between words. It also can find literal strings like "Joe Bloe" by surrounding the character string in quotes... Gopher T and F archives and search engine" So why use my search engine now?

Since it uses a WAIS engine it is faster, but more importantly it retrieves documents with a "weight" as to which is more relevant. I will be enhancing this in the future. But please try both and let me know how they work.....