Track Calculator Plotter

This Java applet at the moment will calculate your Pace and Performance Factor for a give time and distance. See my other pages to learn more about PF. Clikcing the Button "Calc" will do this. Clicking the Button "Plot" will plot the world record Velocity VS Distance Curve. (There may be problems with Netscape versions other than PC Windows - A Sun and an Alpha did not show the "plot" button). When you enter a time and distance and click on "plot" the value of yor performance is placed on the graph as a red point. (At the moment the distance must be under 1.5 miles) The World Record Velocity-Distance curve was calculated by linear regression on the world records in about 1970. Additional features are planned, such as plotting your performance curve based on your single value, as well as plotting Purdy PT, and VO2max curves. Plotting current world record values and the last X values enter in my Old track calculator is also planned. any questions or comments please send email