Information on tob boys high school two mile ( 3200m or 3000meters) top track and distance running times.

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             .... OM - Olympic Medal
                  OF    "  final
                  OQ    qualified for Olympics
                  OT       "      for Olympic trials
                  WM  - World Champ. medal
                  WF                  final
                  WQ     qualified for world champ.
                  WT        "  for Nationals... 
                  NM     ncaa's medal
                  NF       "    final
                  NT     qualified for Ncaa's

   1 8:36.3     Jeff Nelson(Burbank.Ca) 79
 he enrolled at the University of Oregon, but did not last a
year--academic problems I believe. He went to school at a jc in Calif. but
then disappeared from the running scene...Dave Castle                   ?
   2 8:40.0 (i) Gerry Lindgren  (Rogers, Spokane, Wa) 64
                   OF 9'th, 6 NM 1sts.
   3 8:40.9     Craig Virgin (Lebanon. Il) 73

 I agree that Shorter and Salazar were great runners, but what about 
Craig Virgin ? Not only is he the only American male to WIN the 
toughest footrace in the world...the World Cross Country (which did 
 TWICE)  but he was also a force on the road and track. The 
way Virgin raced also is a big factor .Not only could he use his 
head, but he could lead, surge like an African (succesfully!), or 
even kick (occasionally & not as succesful). He was a great high 
school runner -8:40 2M prep record .He was a great college runner who 
was overshadowed by older foregin runners, but  made no excuses & won 
a NCAA title. He also made 3 U.S. Olympic teams at 10,000m . 
 He was still in college when he made the '76 team. 1980 is still one 
of the best 10K battles ever (vs. Lindsay) and he certainly would 
have medaled in Moscow. Mentally he was as tough as they come. His 
1st U.S. record at 10,000  was at a very windy U.S. championships. He 
asked  Shorter & Robbie Perkins to help but they would not or could 
not. He sucked it up and broke Pre's record alone in a performance 
probably superior to his P.R. or any other U.S .10,000 time so far. 
His marathoning was not the very best, but he didn't focus on it 
solely. It took all Seko had to break him at Boston & Virgin had just 
come off his 2nd WXC title & an American road 10,000  the previous 
weeks. Remember he did this with all the physical problems (the 
Kidney situation that he was not suppose to live through). His 
accomplishments are to numerous to list, but he has definately NOT 
recived the recognition he deserves. 

John Erickson

                #3 US all time 10k 27:29.16
   4 8:41.5     Steve Prefontaine (Marshfield. Coos Bay, Or) 69
                   OF 4'th  ... The Head God still #7 US all time 10k
   8 8:44.53 (8:05.8 -3k) John Trautmann (Monroe-Woodbury. Central Valley. NY) 86
                 qualified for the Olympic 92 5k
		 was beating Bob Kennedy..then got hurt.. too bad.

  24 8:50.7     John Gregorek (St Anthony. Smilhtowo, NY) 78
                    2 OQ  ...#10 US all time 5k #8 US 3k SC
  25 8:50.9     Bill McChesney (South Eugcoc. Eugcnc. Or) 76
                #6 US 5k His brother Steve also did a 9:04.4 that year

  27 8:51.0     Rudy Chapa (Hammond. In) 75
  38 8:54.67 (8:15.17-3k) Dan Middleman (Clarte, Westbury. NY) 87
                       in olympics 92?&96? 10k
  49 8:57.4 (i) Alberto Salazar (Wayland. Ma) 75
                    OQ marathon ? 76 ?
  71 8:57.4?   John Tuttle  (Penn Relays) '77
                   1984 Olympic trials 3rd place                    
  65 9:00.40+(8:57.0-3.2k) Todd Williams       
                            OL 96

Billy Convey, Brian Jaeger

        2 Mile:  Florida Relasys 1983  1.Billy Convey -
Ransom-Eveglades, Miami FL 8:57.5   2.Brian Jaeger - Winter Park, FL
8:57.8  (But Brian later ran 8:56.98 at Joe Newton's International Prep
that same year, ahead of Eric Reynolds and others).
        1 Mile   Golden West 1983:  1.John Carlotti - New jersey  4:08.1
2.Billy Convey - Ransom-Everglades Miami, FL 4:08.3   3.Brian Jaeger -
Winter Park, FL 4:08.7  (but Brian had run 4:07 point something earlier
in the season.  Also, he lost the State Mile that year to Ken Cheeseman
of Lake Howell FL - right near Winter Park - in, as I recall 4:08.8 -
4:09.6. I'll check to be sure. Cheeseman was a junior but never ran
faster. Both he and Convey - I coached Billy - went to U. of Virginia
but neither developed as they should have. Both were young physically,
and not over-trained in highschool. Billy did about 50 miles a week his
senior year. In college they immediately jumped him to 80-90 miles over
hills, and to prove he deserved his full ride - and jusat because he was
so competitive - Billy ran with Colin Peddie and the other mature 10k on
the 15 milers then ran with Ray Brown the 1:45 guy and John Hinton 3:41
on the track.  They broke him down - and Dennis Craddock andf the three
or four other coaches Billy had in 5 years never held him back.  He also
sprained his ankle twice which hindered him greatly. He ran 3:45 twice -
the first time as a freshman - but that was it  Jaeger went to Auburn,
as I recall, and did break 4:00 by a little in college and rean 13:38,
as I recall, for 5K.  Super kids, both of them).
               ...Geoff Pietsch 
Jeff Warrick 

Jeff was also the National sophomore-class record holder
for 800 (or it may have been 880y back then), breaking Jim Ryun's
class record for 10th-graders.

His coach at Bradenton Bayshore was Rollie Geiger, now head at NC State-
and Jeff's HS teammate was national 2-mile record holder Betty Springs-
who also went to NC State on a coach/athlete 'package deal'-
and ended up marrying Rollie after college graduation.

Jeff didn't have the grades, and went to junior college up in
Michigan- but got into trouble with the law and ended up in
the Michigan state prison on a murder rap- or that's the story I heard.

I think Jeff was one of the greatest natural running talents that
I've ever seen, and many Florida observers agreed at the time.
What he achieved was often with very little base.
Coach Geiger had to personally give him rides home after practice,
to a very bad, drug-infested neighborhood.
But Geiger wasn't up in Michigan to keep Jeff away from the bad elements.
Ronnie Treadway
ran 4:10 and 9:07 in 1979
for Palmetto HS in Florida.
The 4:10 was at a small invitational meet in central Florida,
and he beat future Olympian Keith Brantley (I think it may
have been Brantley's only HS loss)
The 9:07 was at the Atlanta Classic.
Eric Henry
Scott Cramer

 Coach, Danny Green, of The Woodlands H.S.
in Texas.  He was the McCullough H.S. coach of the teams that own the national
relay records for 4x1600 and the distance medley.  He has had at least 4
milers that would be on your list, the most prominent is Eric Henry who ran a
4.03.1 relay leg on the national record d.m. in '87.  He had some fast
individual 1600 runs that would qualify.  Also on that record d.m. team was
Scott Cramer who ran under 4.10 at the Golden West that year.  Danny could
also help you with any other Texas milers that might be included.  

Tom Sherwood
4.15.66 mile, HS Sr year, April 1977 (Your list would have  to expand quite a
bit to run up to my name!)
Rich Kimball

There was once a distance running legend that ran at my high school but
due to a series of unfortunate injuries didn't amount to anything after
high school. This man's name was Rich Kimball. Rich was the 1973 world
Cross Country Champion. In 1974 he nearly eclipsed Steve Prefontaine's
outstanding high school 2 mile mark of 8:41 by running an 8:43. He also
ran the outstanding mile time of 4:01. Please give this distance
champion from De La Salle High School in Concord, CA the respect that he
deserves on your all time list.

Thank you for your time.

Tim Layden