US Boys High School 1996 Outdoor Top Middle Distance Times

last update 8-2-98

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Where the times came from

Most of the people on the lists came from the results posted to t-and-f, coach-net and xc-track. These are three excellent mailing lists which I highly recommend. Unfortunately, not all the times which would make the lists have been posted. I have checked web sites and some subscriptions (t&fnews) for results BUT I KNOW I HAVE MISSED SOME. So please, if you deserve to be on this list let me know Patrick Hoffman. The list now uses "best times in high school" so if your best time was in 1995 but you were still in high school in 1996 also let me know.

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A note about Conversions: Jack Shepard's High School track does some yards to metric conversions and suggests a multiplication facter of .994194 from 440 yds to 400 meters. This is a the simple ratio which does not take into consideration the "tiring" facter of the longer mile and 2 mile distances. I have used a "purdy pt" conversion factor going from miles to 1600m and 3200m. This makes the 1600m converted times about .2 of a second (.4 in the 2 mile) faster than the simple ratio. This actually varies from .17 secs to .33 as one goes from near world record time to 6 minute pace. Now track and field news appears to use a simple multiplication factor when converting from 1500 to 1600 (probably based on world record times?), again the "tiring" factor should make this a more complicated factor (like purdy pts.) . But for now I am using this "magic" number 1.0666678to convert 1500 times to 1600 times. (also 3k to 3200m times). I should probably use purdy pts, instead of the magic number, but since I'm partial to 1.5k and 3k these conversions to the 1600m and 3200m "look" better. Please let me know if anyone has some more insight into these conversions. *** times in tenths only have had ".1" added with a "?" times with no tenths have been set at xx.8?

* before name means a Junior

** before name means a sophomore

*** before name means a Frosh

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