update 8-3-96... I know about the tables now...

Hungarian Table Info

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               The Hungarian Tables

"Comparing the quality of performances in different events is oftern a
serious pastime among track fans.  Was that 10 flat 100 "superior" to
that 18-6 pole vault? Whose performance should merit athlete-of-the-meet
honors?  This is the book that will tell you.  An ordinary multi-events
scoring table will give you scores for only the decathlon and heptathlon
events.  This book, however, SCORING TABLES OF ATHLETICS, popularly referred
to as "The Hungarian Tables", supplies comparative scoring for 30 men's
events and 26 women's events. In addition to letting you score and compare
every event on the meet program, these 1992 tables are the most up-to-date
in the sport, since the decathlon/heptathlon tables haven't been revised for
a decade.  Even the IAAF uses The Hungarian Tables to determine superior
performances and tie-breakers in the Grand Prix Final.  Limited supply

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               The Big Red Book is another reference from Track & Field news

  "the big red book contains dec/hep scoring tables, metric
conversions etc. but not performances point values.  Any specific hungarian
values I can check for you let me know. These tables give different values
for men and women.  10.49 for men is worth 1069 points vs 1289 for women.
 .......Tom Murrell

   Hungarian tables have different values for Women's races
    (Purdy uses the same .........)
               example Women's world records
 Purdy   Hungarian  mile pace
 903.81  1289 (00:02:48.82)     100m   10.49   ndianap
 911.46  1271 (00:02:51.02)     200m   21.34  A Seoul
 911.80  1281 (00:03:11.51)     400m   47.60      Marita Koch
 859.20  1285 (00:03:47.88)     800m      1:53.28    J.Kratochvilova
 821.98  1243 (00:04:02.47)     1000m     2:30.67    Christine Wachtel
 892.70  1279 (00:04:07.25)     1500m     3:50.46    Qu Yunxia
 853.96  1245 (00:04:15.61)     mile      4:15.61    Paula Ivan
 859.65  1265 (00:04:21.80)     2000m     5:25.36    Sonia O'Sullivan
 939.71  1316 (00:04:20.77)+    3000m     8:06.11    Wang Junxia
 872.45  1252 (00:04:42.51)     5000m     14:37.74   I. Kristiansen
 934.12  1325 (00:04:45.13)     10000m    29:31.78   Wang Junxia
 895.31  1274 (00:05:22.90)     marathon  2:21:06    I. Kristiansen