New England Preps  1967

1. Mike Kelly       12:31.9      Worcester Acad.
2. Joe Dudley	                 Exeter
3. Albie Mangan	                 Andover

It seems like in 1967 they went to Divisions 
and then had an all States meet... I didn't see a New Engl. results

  State  Div Meet (classes)  1967 Nov. 5?, Franklin Park 2.41? miles

Top Division runners

 Jim Finlay 11:31   Swampscott  Div Iv
 John Quirk 11:43   BC High
 Dave Eliot         Braintree
 Joe Butler	    Brockton
 Paul Catano	    CM
 Rich Mahoney	    BC High
 Paul McElroy	    Randolph
 Mark Bingham	    Lawrence Falmouth

All States  at White Stadium 2.7 miles
1. Jim Finlay      Swampscott      13:03
2. Paul Catano	                   13:12
3. Bob Ryan        Malden Cath	   13:17
4. Rich Symington  Linc-Sudbury    13:19
5. John Quirk                      13:22

      New Englnad

1967 1 Hall(Newinglon, CT)
     2 Jackcewio (Pulaski. CT)
     3 Jim Finley (Swampscott MA)
     4 DeFusco (Providence Mount Pleasant, Al)
     5 Carter (8rlol Eastern. CT)
     6 Cardier (Easl Harnord, CT)
     I Sears (Lyndon IngiluL VT)
     8 Winfield (Providence Hope. RI)
     9 Maine (New Britain, CT)
     10 Symington (Lincoln Sudbury, MA)