San Diego, Califorina --
December 9, 1995
                                         Girls Final Results
ACE   TIME   #        NAME          GRD   REG'N       SCHOOL      
       CITY       ST
1 17:12.4 Kim Mortenson  12 West    Thousand OaksH.S.    Thousand Oaks CA
2 17:28.1 Amy Yoder      12 MWest   East Noble H.S.      Kendallville  IN
3 17:33.0 Katy Radkewich 11 MWest   Beaumont H.S.        Hudson        OH
4 17:35.7 Trish Nervo    12 South   Glenvar H.S.         Salem         VA
5 17:41.1 Amy Wiseman    11 MWest   Lee's Summit     H.S.     Lee's Summit  MO
6 17:42.7 Nicole LaSelle 12 MWest   Chaminade-Juliene Cat.Dayton        OH
7 17:47.9 Kyla Barbour   12 South   Marist H.S.          Roswell       GA
8 17:51.0 Annie Ebiner   12 West    St. Lucy's       Priory H.S.West Covina   CA
9 17:54.5  14 Laura Hribik          12 NEast   Orchard Park     H.S.     Orchard Park  NY
10 18:00.2  13 Jennifer Fazioli      10 NEast   Averill Park     H.S.     Averill Park  NY
 11 18:01.2  46 Amy Swier             11 West    Aztec H.S.           Aztec         NM
 12 18:04.6  15 Autumn Fogg           12 NEast   Hunterdon        Central Reg.Stockton      NJ
 13 18:10.5  24 Jackie Kerr           11 South   Thomas Jefferson H.S. Reston        VA
 14 18:11.3  16 Erin Dromgoole        11 NEast   Millbury         Memorial Jr/SMillbury      MA
 15 18:12.0  26 Laura Heiner          10 South   Centreville H.S.     Clifton       VA
 16 18:18.0  45 Kim Welsh             10 West    Yucaipa H.S.         Yucaipa       CA
 17 18:19.2  47 Katie Nuanes          11 West    Santa Margarita  H.S.  Santa Ana     CA
 18 18:26.0  17 Kylene Kownurko       10 NEast   Council Rock     H.S.     Newtown       PA
 19 18:30.1  37 Elizabeth Kampfe      12 MWest   MacArthur H.S.       Decatur       IL
 20 18:33.6  12 Janelle Thomas        12 NEast   Liberty H.S.         Bethelem      PA
 21 18:34.0  38 Kerry Dugan           12 MWest   Boulder H.S.         Boulder       CO
 22 18:35.0  48 Emily Allison         12 West    Leland H.S.          San Jose      CA
 23 18:44.9  21 Jessica Koch          12 South   Round Rock H.S.      Round Rock    TX
 24 18:48.4  18 Stacy Stoner          11 NEast   Nothern Lebanon  H.S.  Jonestown     PA
 25 19:10.1  36 Nell Shields          12 MWest   Glenbard West    H.S.    Glen Ellyn    IL
 26 19:17.5  44 Elaine Canchola       10 West    Nordoff H.S.         Ojai          CA
 27 19:18.9  25 Katherine Newberry    12 South   Lake Braddock    SecondarBurke         VA
 28 19:19.7  28 Adrienne Parker       11 South   Kempsville H.S.      Virginia BeachVA
 29 19:28.6  33 Courtney Adams        12 MWest   Breheuf          Preparatory ScIndianapolis  IN
 30 19:31.3  27 Ramona Saridakis      12 South   Cardinal Newman  H.S.  West Palm BeacFL
DNF          41 Julia Stamps          11 West    Santa Rosa H.S.      Santa Rosa    CA
DNF          11 Dana Ostrander        12 NEast   Shenendehowa     H.S.     Ballston Lake NY

The following story is from Doug Speck.  I personally feel it is these kinds 
of write-ups and stories that will bring greater interest to our sport.  ENJOY 
and great job Doug!		-FRED

1995 Foot Locker National High School Cross-Country Championships Saturday,
December 9th, San Diego (Ca-Balboa Park)
     The 1995 Foot Locker National Finals race was very unique in that it
contained some of the "thrills and spills" action some other currently
popular sports are noted for.  A unique series of circumstances had
front-runners physically go down during the contest, with exciting races
featuring a turning of the form charts.  
     Julia Stamps, defending champ here, and the latest "wonder- kid" of prep
distance running, turned out to be human in the Girls' event.  During a prep
career that has not had her lose to 
ascxanother U.S. high schooler in a prep-only event, the Santa Rosa eleventh
grader has developed a sense of invincibility, fueled by continued record
setting performances and wide margins of victory.  Well, the seventeen year
old Stamps had one of those days we all do occasionally--a virus that peaked
with an over 100 degree temperature and a nasty fall in the bathroom the
morning of the competition that left her with a nice knot on the back of her
head.  With discussions leading up to the race zooming right past those of
her ability to win the race to how much she would break Melody Fairchild's
course record of 16:39 here by, the reality of the young lady's human nature
came home this morning.  On a beautiful morning, but maybe a bit warm for
Midwestern and Northeastern athletes already into winter, the early race
unfolded as most figured, with Julia Stamps racing out to the lead, and
southern California's Kim Mortensen, closer than anybody this regular harrier
season and last to Stamps at 19 seconds (Julia won here last year by 30!),
leading those following.  Mortensen had a great local season, racing to a
number of impressive course records, but losing to Stamps four times, by
margins of 22, 19, 40, and 27 seconds, enough to establish an outward sense
of domination by the Santa Rosa star.  A strong Midwestern pack, led by Katy
Radkewich and Amy Yoder, formed a ways back as the Californians edged away
from the field.  At the mile (5:19) Julia's margin over Mortensen was 10
meters-- all season long it had been a separation of about ten seconds at
that point between the two with Stamps well under 5:10 on similar layouts.
 Up and over the hill loop after the mile the defending champ started to pull
away, with a 20 meter lead over Kim as they came past the starting line
marking a mile and a half on the two figure-eight loop course.  During the
next half mile, surprisingly, Mortensen edged up to the champion, with Stamps
appearing in distress as the twosome came by two miles together at 10:58
(last year Stamps led there at 10:45).  Mortensen, a quietly confident
runner, indicated that despite the losses to Stamps, she worked on coming in
with an optimistic attitude to the day's event, telling herself that anything
was possible.  Pre-race plans for Kim were no more complex than "going with
the pack."  The evening prior to the race a number in a panel of Adidas and
Foot Locker AC open stars had emphasized concentrating on your own race, a
message that the Thousand Oaks star took to heart.  Running alongside Stamps
right after two miles, Mortensen felt she had to run her race instead of
Julia's, pressing aggressively as the race made a small loop around a
swimming pool, and moving ahead.  An immediate gap appeared, with it steadily
stretching as the event entered a "lower picnic loop" with three-quarters of
a mile to go.  At two and a quarter miles, in a relatively flat portion of
that loop Stamps suddenly staggered and collapsed to the ground, landing
prone and with such force on her upper body that it was obvious she would not
get up and finish.  Mortensen continued to romp away from the field, winning
at 17:13 by one hundred yards over Amy Yoder, with a strong Midwestern team
taking four of the top six places and an easy 35-53 win over the West in the
team scoring.  Julia physically recovered quickly after the event, with the
always charming star crediting Mortensen with a fine run, and talking of
getting healthy and looking ahead to a good 5000 on the track to qualify for
the Olympic Trials.  Mortensen is but one of many recent stars to come out of
Coach Jack Farrell's Thousand Oaks HS program.  Northeast Regional winner
Dana Ostrander also went down during the event, just after two miles with
heat problems.