San Diego, Califorina --  Baboa Park
December 9, 1995
                                         Boys Final Results
ACE   TIME   #        NAME          GRD   REG'N       SCHOOL      
      CITY        ST
  1 15:12.4  Abdul Alzindani   12 MWest   Dearborn Fordson H.S.Dearborn   MI
  2 15:24.6  Sharif Karie      11 South   West Springfield H.S.Burke      VA
  3 15:26.1  Jeffery Hopkinson 12 West    Bingham H.S  South Jordan       UT
  4 15:26.5  Matt Lane         12 NEast   Yarmouth H.S Yarmouth           ME
  5 15:26.9  Joseph Leo        12 MWest   Redford Catholic CentNorthville MI
  6 15:27.3  Billy Herman      12 West    Centennial H.S.     Boise       ID
  7 15:29.3  Gabriel Jennings  11 MWest   Madison East H.S.   Madison     WI
  8 15:29.7  Jamey Gifford         11 South   Baylor H.S.         Lookout MountaiGA
  9 15:31.4  74 Eric Kweder           11 South   Thomas A. EdisonH.S.Alexandria     VA
 10 15:32.2  67 Jonathon Riley        11 NEast   Brookline H.S.     Brookline      MA
 11 15:32.7  98 Matt Twiest           12 West    Albuquerque     Academy  Albuquerque    NM
 12 15:33.6  91 Isaac Hawkins         11 West    Joel E. Ferris  H.S.  Spokane        WA
 13 15:38.2  86 Jorge Torres           9 MWest   Wheeling H.S.      Wheeling       IL
 14 15:38.7  85 Nicholas Matack       11 MWest   Duluth East H.S.   Duluth         MN
 15 15:42.7  95 Tom Prindiville       11 West    De La Salle H.S.   Antioch        CA
 16 15:43.1  78 Eric Post             11 South   Chantilly H.S.     Fairfax        VA
 17 15:43.8  88 Greg Speicher         12 MWest   Marquette H.S.     Chesterfield   MO
 18 15:44.2  62 Micheal Fitzula       12 NEast   Cornwall CentralH.S.Highland Mills NY
 19 15:44.6  81 Steve Leuer           12 MWest   Osseo Senior    H.S.    Maple Grove    MN
 20 15:45.7  73 Christopher Banks     12 South   West SpringfieldH.S.Springfield    VA
 21 15:46.9  65 Derek Smith           12 NEast   Duxbury Jr./Sr. H.S. Duxbury        MA
 22 15:49.4  97 Will Bernaldo         12 West    Nordhoff H.S.      Ojia           CA
 23 15:53.6  66 Jason Vanderhoof      12 NEast   Timberlane      Regional HSandown        NH
 24 16:00.5  75 Thomas Murley         12 South   Elizabethtown   H.S.   Elizabethtown  KY
 25 16:03.6  64 Cory Smith            12 NEast   Calvert Hall    H.S.    Pheonix        MD
 26 16:07.1  87 Brian McCulley        12 MWest   Fargo South H.S.   Fargo          ND
 27 16:08.6  72 Lewis Jones           12 South   Kingwood H.S.      Kingwood       TX
 28 16:16.1  96 Rhy Reynolds          11 West    Newport H.S.       Newport        OR
 29 16:19.4  68 Joe Matias            12 NEast   Newark H.S.        Newark         NY
 30 16:25.6  63 Nick Gramsky          12 NEast   Northern H.S.      Chesapeake Beac MD
 31 16:46.1  76 Mark Rumple           12 South   Brooke Point    H.S.    Stafford       VA
DNF          94 Daniel Sikiric        12 West    Leland H.S.        San Jose       CA

Compliments of Doug Speck

     A tremendously exciting Boys Race at the Foot Locker 1995
National Finals had  of Fordson HS of Dearborn Michigan's Abdul
Alzindani outkick favored Sharif Karie, the Somalian native who
is a student at West Springfield Virginia, for a 15:12.4 win. 
The two athletes raced side by side for the final half of the
race, with Karie attempting numerous surges during the final half
mile to break the Michigan star, but never succeeding.  In a
stirring stretch run Alzindani raced past Karie with 50 meters to
go, with Karie stumbling at that point, getting back up to finish
second in the event.  Alzindani was 22nd here last year and
fourth in the Midwest Regional two weeks ago, with Karie 10th
here last year as a soph, and the pre-race favorite.  
Karie led at the mile at 4:43, with Alzindani challenging through
two miles at 9:43.       

more from Doug Speck

     The Boys contest also told an interesting tale.  Pre-race favorite,
Somalian native (in U.S. for a little over two years) Sharif Karie, a junior
at West Springfield, Virginia, was undefeated with some very impressive races
this fall and a wicked 4:08.85 1600m last year as a soph.  There was an
interesting sense of history to the winner, and it would not be Karie, even
though he led for over three miles of the 5000 meter event.  Clad in the red
of the Southern team, the slight (5-9 118) Karie, who glides along like so
many of the African distance stars, took the early lead and was in front of a
huge pack by ten meters through the 880 at 2:15.  Through the mile (4:43) and
over the first of two hill loops, Karie continued to control the event,
leading by twenty meters at the half-way point over surprising Abdul
Alzindani (Michgan), who was only fourth in his region two weeks previous,
but twenty-second here last year while Karie was tenth.  The smooth striding
Alzindani, here six years himself from his native Yemen, edged close through
two miles (9:43), with the duo side by side through the picnic loop at two
and a quarter miles.  From that point on in it was a classic struggle, much
reminiscent of the New Hampshire duo of Matt Downin and John Mortimer from
last year.  Karie attempted a number of surges during the last half mile that
included a tough up and down hill loop, and quarter mile slight uphill and
relatively flat "run-in."  Karie's efforts were succeeding, and he had a
twelve meter lead with two hundred meters left in the event.  The Michigan
star there glanced to the rear, in the classic "I'm settling for second
move," that Abdul later indicated was merely a look to make sure that he
would not surprised by anyone from behind near the end.  With the final 160
meters a straight line with a slight rise and downhill into the finish,
Alzindani launched into his powerful final sprint, showing a level of power
and strength seemingly far beyond his 5-6 116 frame.  With 50 meters to go
Abdul had shockingly zoomed up even with Karie, with Sharif obviously sensing
he needed to deal with the momentum that Alzindani had gathered.  While
attempting to adjust to quicker gait, Karie stumbled and fell as the Fordson
HS of Dearborn star raced away to the win at 15:13.  To Karie's credit he
arose and jogged in, still finishing in second despite losing twelve seconds
in that final 50.  The winner led his Midwest team to a 40 point total and
win over the West (47), led by Jeff Hopkinson in third at 15:27.  
     Alzindani indicated that he learned a great deal from his race here last
year, where he did take the lead part way through the event, eventually
finishing twenty-second.  Focusing much of his preparation during the regular
season on this race, he had viewed the videotape of last year's event many
times and watched the moves that different athletes made.  Biding his time
more patiently this year, Abdul indicated he combined running his own race
with gauging off the leader, Karie.  Interestingly, he gained confidence in
his kick from the fact that his teammate last year, Steve Schell, outkicked
Karie in this meet for ninth and tenth place.  He figured if his teammate
could do it he could also, with a vision he formed while watching last year's
victory ceremony, where he visualized that he would be the one picking up the
Championship award this year, motivating him as he pictured it in his mind
during the final desperate sprint.  It was a tremendously entertaining

        Thanks to Doug Speck again for the write up

(Editor's note..... there was some question to whether Sharif could have
  won if he didn't fall.....  After viewing the Video Tape from
  Scholastic Sports America ? .. on ESPN  my opinion was that Sharif
  could not have kept pace with with Alzindani... he was exhausted...
  one of the reason's he fell)