Massachusetts High School XC Hall of Fame (un-officially)

last update 12-30-99

            Current Criteria - At least 1 male/female per year
     based on Footlocker Finals and Regional performances, then
     New England and State Results ... (no one person gets 2 or more years)
     Many Thanks to Steve Vaitones (USATF - Mass) and the people at Thetford Academy
     for providing the information, especially Keith Lawton (Cumberland RI), Larry Martin 
     (NH) , Monique Lawton (RI), Cathy Scruggs and Dan and Dana Grossman.
     Also thanks to Chuck Martin, coach of Norwell.
		             Top Men
                     Based only on New England Championships
		Courses varied through out New England
   Robert Frederickson  Arlington		1935 (1st NE 2nd 36)
   Stanton              Wakefield		1935 (2nd NE)
   Creighton		Brockton		1936 (3rd NE)
   Pocius		Brockton		1937 (3rd NE)
   Bridgewater		Melrose 		1938 (6th NE)
   Karppinen		Gardner			1939 (1st NE)
   Lane			Brockton		1940 (5th NE)
   Larkin		Gardner			1941 (1st NE)
   Goodell		Beverly			1941 (3rd NE)
	No Mass Runner in top ten NE		1944       
   Andrews	        Beverly			1945 (4th NE &46)
   MacDonald		Beverly			1946 (9th NE)
   Wathem		Watertown		1947 (2nd NE)
   Dick Fowle		Woburn			1948 (1st NE)
   Park			Worcester North		1949 (4th NE)
   George King		Boston English		1950 (1st NE 2nd 51)
   Hardy		Braintree		1951 (3rd NE)
   Wallace		Milton			1952 (1st NE)
   Tomasian		Boston Trade		1953 (1st NE)
   Luisi		Rockland		1954 (1st NE 2nd 55)
   Osborn		Winchester		1955 (3rd NE)
   Moore		Natick			1956 (2nd NE)
   Silveria		New Bedford		1957 (1st NE 1st 58)
   Scott		Scituate		1958 (2nd NE)
   Eddie Meehan		Oliver Ames		1959 (1st NE)
   Dave Dunskey		Gloucester		1960 (5th NE Current Gloucester State Champ coach)

		State course 2.41 miles at this time (States and New E. results)
   Bill Norris		Beverly			1961	11:40 * (1A,3rd NE)
   Bob Powers		Randolph		1962 	12:28   (1C,4th NE)
   Bill Leahy		Cath. Memorial		1963	12:08   (3a,2 NE)
   Greg Kent		Lawrence		1964	11:22 * (1a,2 NE)
   Art Dulong		Randolph		1965	11:04 * (1c, 1 NE)  4:04.5 mile 1966 HS
   Ronald Wayne		Brockton		1966	11:53   (1a, 1 NE)
   James Finlay   	Swampscott		1967	11:31   (1-IV, 1 States 3rd NE)
                Only New England results at the moment
   Dan Moynihan		 Malden Catholic	1968 (1st NE)	
   Charles Maguire       Foxboro high		1969 (1st in states)  
   Chris Harrison        Seekonk		1969 (5th NE)
   James Kent            Lawrence		1970 (1st in States,10th NE)
   McCarthy		 Brockton		1970 (4th NE)
   Rick  Bourie		 Springfield Cathedral	1971 (1st NE)	
   Doiran		 Gardner		1972 (5'th NE)	
        In 1973 Massachusetts stopped particpating in the New Englands (sadly)
   Stetson Arnold	 Southwick		1973 (3rd NE-72,1st states,1st in 72 states)	
   Dan Dillon		 Chicopee Comp.		1974 (1st states)
   Alberto Salazar	Wayland			1976   14:04.8 5k 1975 (1st in States)
   Brian Dillon		Chicopee                1976 (1st in states)
   Jeff Cullinane	Billerica		1977 (1st in states)
   Fernando Braz	Peabody			1979 (1st in 78, 79)
   Mike Flynn		Woburn			1980 (1st in States)
           81 no statemeet (Snow)
   Chris Gorman         S. Weymouth             1981    
   Shawn Coghlan        Brockton                1981     
   Gary Crowley         Seekonk                 1981 1st div1? 4:17
   Jose Rocha           New Bedford             1982  9:09
   Dan Foley Jr.        St. Johns Prep (Danvers)1982    (from Beverly)
   Tim Gannon           Beverly HS              1982 3rd all states, 12th? footlocker 4:17 mile
   Barry Sirchis        Winchester,MA           1983    1st states
   Mark Coogan	        Bishop Feehan Attleboro 1983   
   George Grant         Catholic Memorial)      1984  1st states 
   William Crowley      Seekonk                 1985  1st states
   Bill Harrington      Swampscott              1985
   John French          Falmouth                1985   
   Scott Cody           Cambridge               1986 1st states,also 1st 87
   Jamalh Prince        Cambridge               1987    
   Paul Shea            Stoneham                1987    
   John Finn            West. Roxbury CM        1988    1st states
   Chad Nunery          Mt. Greylock            1989
   Ted Fitzpatrick      Lexington               1990    
   Chris Georgules      St. John's HS(Shrews.)  1990   1st div 1
   Andy Downin          Duxbury                 1990 1st div3 class
   Jesse Cody           Cam R&l                 1991 1st div 1
                                                1992 (1st div 1 states, 2nd footl)  
   Darin Shearer        So Hamilton             1991 1st div190
   Jack Dwyer           Walpole HS ,Walpole     1991    
               Some State and Footlocker results available
   Matt Behl            Southwick               1992
   Kifle Amelu          Boston English          1993 (2nd states, dns footl)
   Seth Williams	Plymouth		1994 (1st States, 6th footl)
   Derek Smith          Duxbury                 1995 (dns States, 5th footl) 
   Cory Ricci-Munn      Gloucester              1995 (1st div 1 States, 23rd footl) 
   Jonathon Riley       Brookline               1996 (1st States, 1st footl) 
***Abdirizak Mohamud    Boston                  1996 (2nd States, 2nd footl) Also 1st in both 97
                                                1997 (1st States, 1st footl) 
   Franklin Sanchez     Lynn Voc. Tech          1997 (1std2 States, 61st footl) 
                                                1998 (2ndd2 States, 2nd footl)
   Andy Powell          Oliver Ames             1997 (6thd2 States, 8th footl) 
                                                1998 (1std2 States, 1st footl)
   Ben Wessenyeleh      Boston                  1998 (2ndd1 States, 13th footl) 
   Tristan Colangelo    Gloucester              1998 (1std1 States, 14th footl) 
                                                1999 (1std1 States, 2nd footl) 
   Jarrod Shoemaker     Sudbury                 1999 (6thd1 States, 4th footl) 
   Joshua Barchard      Somerville              1999 (4thd1 States, 8th footl) 

               ***First Mass. Runner to win Footlocker Final and
first runner to win Footlocker final twice

		Top Women
  Kathy Whitcomb        Somerville             1971
  Claudio Graham        Melrose                1972
  Kristine Boucher      Bish. Stang            1973
  Debby Mueller         Bellinghan             1974
  Lynne Jennings        Harvard                1975-77 9:42.9 3k  10:10.5 2mile 4:18.06 1500m 4:39.0 mile
  Lesley Welch          Peabody                 1978-89 9:27.1 3k 10:19.0 2mile 16:59.5 5k 34:48.2 10k 
  Darlene Beckford	Cambridge		1977? 4:41.9 mile  4:19.51 1500m 2:04.54 800m
  Lisa Welch		Peabody			1981? 9:42.3  3k 35:10.2 10k
  Thayer Plante         Cambridge               1982 
  Gail Saunders		Reading 		1982? 2:33.7 1000y
  Liz Natale		Newton			1982 10:31.6 2mile 9:27.58 3k
  Kelly Madden          St. Clair 83-84
  Kristin Perini	Milton			1984  9:25.79 3k 4:25.04 1500m
  Christine Crowley     Wellesley               1985    
  Bonnie Yuen		Taunton			1985? 2:33.53 1000y
  Kristin Seabury	Stonehan		1986? 2:32.7 1000y
  Heather Grimshaw      Seekonk                 1987
  Kerry Hollinshead     Dighton-Rheboth         1988
  Leanne Burke          Randolph MA             1989-90  2:34.63 1000y  
  Maura McDonald        Greenfield              1991
  Joanna Velri          Bromfield               1992
  Amy Lyman					1992 (??? states, 12th footl)
  Aimee Langevin	Tantasqua		1993 (1st states, 4th footl)
  Mary Cobb		Pittsfield		1994 (1st states, 1st footl)
  Erin Dromgoole	Millbury		1995 (1stStates, 6th footl) 	
  Millie Crisostomo     Milford 		1996 (1stStates, 30th footl) 	
  Kelly Hughes          Jefferson 		1996 (3rdStates, 12th footl) 	
  Sheela Agrawal        Case HS 		1997 (2ndd2States, 8th footl) 	
                                                1998 (2ndd2 States, 4th footl)
  Lauren Mathews        Brookline 		1997 (1std1 States, 12th footl) 	
  Shalane Flanagan      Marblehead 		1997 (1std2 States, DNS  footl)
                                                1998 (1std2 States, 20th(flu) footl)
  Jessica Parrot        Westford                1998 (1std2 States, 49th footl)
  Kate O'Neill          Milton                  1998 (3rdd2 States, 10th footl)
  Laura O'Neill         Milton                  1998 (6thd2 States, 11th footl)
  Melissa Donais   Bradford (Phillips Andover)  1999 (private no states), 1st footl) 
  Kathryn Polizzotto    Stowe                   1999 (1std1 States, 5th footl) 
  Molly Landreth        Newburyport             1999 (2ndd2 States, 6th footl) 

           Massachusetts Footlocker Finalists 

      I would like to build this database up, including best mile, 2 mile
 times , etc times.  But the prime requirement is excellent X-country 
 performance(preferably outside Mass).
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