Scoring Tables of Athletics or Hungarian Tables

These popular tables are used to compare track and field events. The latest edition is from 1992 and is available from Track and Field News or
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      The authors are : Dr. Bojidar Spiriev, Attila Spiriev, Gabor Kovacs

  These tables are similar to the IAAF scoring tables for Multi-events
or decatholon tables.  The maximum value is 1400 pts.
   Here are the current Men's World records with Purdy and Hungarian pt

Purdy   Hung     mile pace
1050.96 1276.60(00:02:38.35)    100m      9.84       Donovan Baily    
1135.47 1357.18(00:02:34.84)    200m      19.32      Michael Johnson 
1106.03 1285.28(00:02:54.17)    400m      43.29      Harry Reynolds    
1058.41 1264.44(00:03:24.64)    800m      1:41.73    Sebastian Coe     
1057.86 1246.83(00:03:32.72)    1000m     2:12.18    Sebastian Coe     
1083.59 1292.53(00:03:42.48)    1500m     3:27.37    Noured. Morceli   
1086.17 1270.77(00:03:44.39)    1mile     3:44.39    Noured. Morceli   
1075.45 1267.41(00:03:51.64)    2000m     4:47.88    Noured. Morceli   
1097.40 1292.02(00:03:58.77)    3000m     7:25.11    Noured. Morceli   
1070.79 1343.00?*(00:04:03.73)   2miles    8:07.46    Haile Gebrselassie
1113.11 1320.16(00:04:06.03)    5000m     12:44.39   Haile Gebrselassie
1108.38 1295.16(00:04:18.06)    10000m    26:43.53   H. Gebreselassie  
1077.44        (00:04:34.84)    20000m    56:55.6    Arturo Barrios    
1035.63        (00:04:45.54)    25000m    1:13:55.8  Toshihiko Seko    
1044.97        (00:04:47.46)    30000m    1:29:18.8      "       "     
1120.39        (00:04:29.37)    half mar. 58:51      Paul Tergat       
1072.60 1244.03(00:04:50.27)    marathon  2:06:50    Belayneh Dinsamo  

     The official "Scoring tables" don't list a 2 mile..  The 1343 value
is probably wrong. My program inerpolates between the 3k and 5k values
to come up with approximate values.  Likewise in my track calculator
my values are interpolated, especially the Hungarian pts for 5 miles
are suspect. (The steeple chase Hung. pts are also not correct)
    Running events in the tables are :
   100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 800m 1000m, 1500m, 1mile, 2000m, 3000m, 5000m,
   10000m, and Marathon

 All other values in my Track calculator are interpolated. The calculated
Hungarian values, and predicted times for other distances are pretty close
to the listed table values, but may not be exact for various reasons.

     The formula for the running tables is:
              HP = a(b-t)^2 + c

     where HP is the Hungarian pt value
            t is time in seconds
             ^2 means value in () is squared
          a,b and c are constants that depend on each distance.
  e.g in the 100m  a= 21.746, b=17.505, c= -1.026

      in the mile   a= .035 , b=415.01, c= -1.001

 The constants are not given in the book but can be calculated by regression
analysis from the tables. The book has table values for field events and
specific tables for women's events.

      Which is better Purdy or Hungarian ?, it depends, what you using them
for.  Both say that Michael Johnson is the Man !, and both say Haile G's
5000 record is the 2nd best performace.
      When comparing High School performances (like my 800, mile and 2 mile)
Hungarian pts, make 800 performances better than Purdy pts.
    This is unfortunate because there are already more Top 800 performers
than in the mile an even less in the 2 mile. This is based on how many
runners better than a certain level.
      I've heard of other systems like Mercier tables, if anyone
knows about them let me know...

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