High Schoolers, tell your coaches about this !!!

   for info send mail to

 Fred Finke finkef@gate.net 

Dear Coaches,
        Since the National Postal run has been discontinued, I am having a US
National Internet XC Championships for high schools.  This is a great
chance to "nationally" rank your athletes as well as set new PRs in
track.  My competition is set for Oct. 24 and we currently have 3 teams
competing.  We will also begin the establishment of "Records".  Here are
the rules:

1.  At least two teams must compete at the same time and run on the

2.  The distance is 3200 meters for the boys and 3200 meters for the

3.  The teams consist of the top 5 times of each team added together.

4.  The competition can be run at any time from August 30 through Nov

5.  Send the results to me and I will compile a National list and
ranking (I will also spring for the "All-American" certificates.

6.  The athletes must be eligible and competing for their school.

        Send me your questions (Please DO NOT hit the reply button,  send it to
me privately at finkef@gate.net).

                                                                Fred Finke

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