Resume: Maulik Shah

Maulik Shah

16 B Gardner Avenue
Lowell MA 01854



    June 2000 University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA Master of Science Major: Computer Science

    May '98 University of Mumbai,India Bachelor of Science Major: Chemical Engineering

    Intranet Production Services Intern ( Mar '00 - Current As a Co-op at Viridien Technologies, Inc., maintain and develop their internet and intranet service needs using JavaScript, VBScript, Java, XML and ASP on SQL databases.

    Research Assistant & Database Administrator Jan '99 - Mar '00 As a Database Administrator in the Department of Work Environment at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, managing the library database using ENDNOTE software and maintenance using MS Access. As a Research Assistant, handle Non-numerical and Unstructured Data (QSR NUD*IST) in qualitative analysis, by supporting process of coding data in an index system, searching text patterns of coding and theorizing about the data.

    Web Developer and Web Master ( June'99 - Aug'99 Developed the Web Page for AIRxpert Systems, Inc. and simulated the System 7000 equipment using Tool books.

    Academic Information System Application Oct '98 - Dec '98 Maintaining and developing application for academic information system, which produces and records student information in a relational file database system using Millenium for Windows and Novell servers.

    • Operating Systems Projects: Synchronization of Semaphores, Shared Memory and pthreads in Digital UNIX operating system.
    • Internet & Web Systems Projects: Providing tips to users based on their email addresses using procmail and providing authentication to registered users, domain restricted access and various tools for the database manager using CGI/Perl scripts.
    • Memory and Cache Simulation: Simulation of a two-way set associative-write back cache and Pipeline Data Path.
    • C-programming Project: Simulation of a computer network that supports an unlimited number of users and provides authentication (password security), functions to allow users to log-on and log-off of the system and a way of shutting the network down.
    • C++ Projects: Creating a customer database using MS VC++ 5.0 involving features like operator overloading, use of hash tables, linked lists and sorting the database based upon a key data.
    • Simulation Projects: Modified existing algorithm for simulation of various chemical plant equipment to suite the specifications and applied standard software with the use of algorithms for computation of properties for single, binary and multi-component systems.
    • Programming languages : C, C++, MS Visual C++ 5.0, Pascal, Visual Basic 6.0, HTML, JavaScript, CGI/Perl.
    • Platforms : Windows 95/98/NT, HP UNIX 9.0, Solaris, Digital UNIX and variants.
    • Development tools : MATLAB, AutoCAD R14.
    • Other application software : Microsoft Office 2000 applications, Homesite4.0, Frontpage, Filemaker Pro, Toolbooks, Lotus 123.
    • Integrated circuits concepts: Design of basic boolean logic in transistors circuit simulation, MIPS.


    Data Communications, Data Structures and Algorithms, Internet & Web Systems I, Human Computer Interaction, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Parallel Processing.


    Furnished upon request

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