Jose Annunziato

308 Acropolis Rd.
Lowell, MA 01854
(978) 441-2829

Work Experience:

Mar 97-present : Safety Net Solutions Inc.
Software Engineer : Currently working as a consultant for Dynamics Research Corporation where I have been involved in the creation of a distributed client server application using Java. Concurrently I have been involved in a Web publishing project that includes the latest Web technologies such as VRML, Java, JavaScript, and CGI programming. The Web project consists of creating a Virtual 3D City for people to interact and create a community. Have worked on several other Web publishing projects and client/server applications.

Sep 98-present : UMass Lowell Computer Science Department
Adjunct Faculty : Currently teaching 91.201 : Computing 3, an itroduction to Object Oriented Programming using C++.

Jan 96-Aug 96 : UMass Lowell Center for Products and Entrepeneurship
Research Assistant : Worked on developing a distributed, multiuser, Virtual Haverhill where users are be able to visit downtown Haverhill, MA, and participate in tours of the city, and interact with other users and several virtual citizens (actors). The simulation will be accessible through the WWW via VRML browsers like CyberPassage and Live3D. Virtual Office Buildings will serve as virtual office space where companies may advertise their services. Billboards along the sidewalks and on the roofs of buildings will also serve as advertisement. Behaviors of actors and other dynamic entities is achieved through scripting languages like Java and Tcl/Tk. Schedulling of events and higher level behaviors of actors is achieved through the language VCLIPS, an extended version of CLIPS developed at UMass Lowell.

Sep 95-Dec 95 :UMass Lowell Computer Science Department
Adjunct Faculty : Taught 91.102 : Computing 2.

Nov-Dec 95 : UMass Lowell Computer Science Department
Research Assistant : Assisted Prof. William Moloney to improve C code for the airtraffic controller system for the Department of Transportation and several other Software Engineering activities.

May-Oct 95 : Charles River Analytics
Research Assistant : Assisted in the development of an automatic Multiple Target Recognition (MTR) system for the Navy. We used the combination of two Artificial Intelligence techniques, Neural Networks and Expert Systems for detecting several types of airborn targets and their intentions (hostile or not). Several Neural Nets were trained to detect different targets from selected training sets. This module dealt with the low level filtering of real time data. The results were fed to a Knowledge Based System for high level desicion making. The Neural Nets were developed as C++ classes and the Expert System in CLIPS.

Jun 92-Aug 94 : VENCEMOS : Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
Instrumentation Engineer : Suppervised a staff of 10 electrical technitians responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of industrial data acquisition and actuator equipment.
Thesis Advisor : English title translation: "Expert Fuzzy Controller for Cement Mills 11 and 13 and Clinker Kiln 6 of VENCEMOS Pertigalete".
Original spanish title: "Systema Experto de Control Difuso para los Molinos 11 y 13 y Horno 6 de VENCEMOS Pertigalete", published undergraduate thesis by Alexandra Gonzalez, October 1993.

Technical Experience:

Internet-related Technology and Tools:
Java : Visual Cafe; JavaScript; CGI programming; HTML : Visual Page; VRML : CosmoPlayer, Community Place Browser.
Porgramming Languages and Tools:
Java : Visual Cafe
C, C++ : Unix gnu programming tools
CLIPS, Scheme.
Operating Systems and Applications:
Unix, Windows 95/NT, MacOS; Poser 2.0; 3DStudio; PhotoShop.


Sept 95-present : UMass Lowell Computer Science Department
Doctoral Student (DScCS) : Currently finishing my Doctoral Thesis Dissertation.
Thesis title : "Synthetic Characters : Discourse and Behavior".
The thesis reviews the design and implementation of Discourse driven interface to program Synthetic Characters that inhabit a Web-based virtual world.
Accumulated Grade Point Average : 3.83

Sept 94-Aug 95 : UMass Lowell Computer Science Department
Masters in Computer Science (MSCS).
Accumulated Grade Point Average : 3.80

Sept 86-Jun 92 : Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas Venezuela
Bachelor in Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE).
Published Undergraduate Thesis: English title translation: "Frequency Assignment Plan for Edelca Transmission System"
Original spanish title: "Plan de Asignacion de Frecuencias para el Systema de Transmision de Edelca.", April 1992.

Sept 82-Jun 86 : Saunders Trades and Technical High School, Yonkers New York
Technical Electronics High School Diploma.


Place and Date of Birth : Venezuela, 11/21/1968.
US Residency Status : Resident Alien (Green Card).

Languages Spoken (other than English) :
Italian, Spanish, and learning French.

Marital Status : Married.

Music : Studied classical piano for 6 years.