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91.550 Multi-Touch Computing - Fall 2009

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11/12/2009: Pen/tablet computing and its relation to multi-touch

11/05/2009: Multi-touch for computer gaming and visualization

10/29/2009: Multi-touch for disaster response and robot control

10/22/2009: Different form factors for multi-touch computing

10/15/2009: Designing GUIs for multi-touch

10/08/2009: Designing gesture sets

10/01/2009: Group interaction

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09/17/2009: Multi-touch technologies

  • Jefferson Y. Han (2005). "Low-Cost Multi-Touch Sensing through Frustrated Total Internal Reflection." UIST '05, October 23-27, 2005, Seattle, Washington, USA.
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09/10/2009: Usability and feedback