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91.450 Robotics I - Fall 2009

Class Projects

Color Sorter by Naji Dagher & Mamta Javia

An IR sensor detects that a ball is in place and a CMU cam determines the ball's color. The gripper grasps the ball and turns to a receptacle which rotates to the appropriate color box. Another IR sensor determines which box to keep in front of the gripper by counting the rotations. Green, blue, yellow, and red balls can be sorted.

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Edward Pianohand by Jeremy Badessa & Andrew Galeucia

Edward Pianohand was designed to play a given melody on a keyboard. The hand moves along a track via two Lego motors while the fingers are controlled by servo motors. An IR sensor determines the hand's position when it must move to hit notes outside of its relative range. The robot loops a set list of several songs including "Hot Cross Buns" and "Jingle Bells."

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Guitar Hero Bot by Dennis Lassell & Reid Messinger

The Guitar Hero Bot can play songs on the "Easy" difficulty while in practice mode. It uses light sensors to detect a change in light on the screen when a note is to be played. Servo motors are used for strumming and to press down the fret buttons.

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SpiderBot by Stephen Hurton & Paul Phamduy

Controlled by a Super Cricket, SpiderBot has its hook hung over a clamp and walks off the edge of a table. It lowers itself down to the floor via an unwinding spool of string attached to the hook. An IR sensor detects the floor and SpiderBot climbs back up by reeling in the string. The six-legged locomotion is controlled by two DC motors and the winding spool by a gear-box motor.

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Egghunt Competition 2009

The Egghunt is an autonomous robot competition held during each Robotics I course at UMass Lowell. Students in teams of two build a robot using a Handy Board controller and LEGO pieces. Each round puts two robots head-to-head in a two minute race to collect as many eggs as possible. Before each round competition officials scatter the purple and yellow eggs equally on either side. One robot collects the purple eggs and another collects the yellow eggs. Points are scored for each correctly colored egg that is brought back to the robot's goal. If the wrong color egg is brought back a point is taken away from that team. Egghunt 2009 Winners: Paul Phamduy & Stephen Hurton.

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