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COMP.4510 and COMP.5490 Mobile Robotics - Fall 2018

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Welcome to COMP 4510 and COMP 5490!

Class Meetings

Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00-9:15am in DAN 321

Office Hours

Holly Yanco: Mondays 11-1, Tuesdays 10-11, and by appointment in DAN 315
Victoria Albanese: Mondays 2-4, Tuesdays 11-1, and Wednesdays 2-4 in DAN 407
James Kuczynski: Tuesdays 3-5 in DAN 407


Probabilistic Robotics
Sebastian Thrun, Wolfram Burgard, and Dieter Fox
MIT Press, 2006


In this class, we'll be using a ROS installation on VLabs. See the handouts for 9/13/18 below on how to use the software. Note that you have to have a VLabs account to access the software; provided that you have registered for the course, you'll have an account that uses your UML student account as the username and password.


Slides for grid localization
Assignment 2 -- Review of probability, due Thursday, 9/27/18
Probability review videos
Slides for ROS Intro
Zip file of the code that James wrote in class
Assignment 1 -- Intro to ROS and ROS Race, due Thursday, 9/20/18
Tutorial on how to use VLabs
Lecture 2 slides: Probability review
Lecture 1 slides: Course intro

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