Dag Svanaes

Email:   dags@ifi.ntnu.no  
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Univ. Trondheim, Norway
Techniques Employed: PBD, Visual Programming  
Tool names: KidSim (Cocoa)
Audience: Kids, disabled, other
Research Interests:  (see below)
Comments:   Dag Svanaes (dags@ifi.ntnu.no) Dag has a long history of research on end-user environments. In 1986 he made an interface builder for teachers; in 1992 he studied the configuration of communication aids for the disabled. Currently he is doing a study of 6th-grade children using KidSim (Cocoa), a study of End- User Programming in Geographical Information Systems GISs, and an experimental study of tools for constructing interactivity. Research questions: Design methodologies (P.D., Analysis of work language) Domain-specific vs. general tools (concrete-abstract.) Constructionist approaches, Bricoleur (Levi-Strauss) Target groups for End-User Programming. Some results: GIS, HyperTalk target the wrong user group. Their difficulty makes them not really suitable for users; they are more suitable for "gardeners" (advanced users). However this group finds their limitations on expressiveness excessive. Don't be afraid of formal communication systems. However they have to be domain-specific.  

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