From: Prof. Dr. H.-J. Hoffmann
Subject: Call for participation --> Prototyping of User Interfaces
Date: Tuesday, September 02, 1997 8:40AM

GI / Gesellschaft fuer Informatik --- German Chapter of the ACM /

PB'97: Prototyping of User Interfaces

- Basics, Techniques, Experiences -

   Workshop of the Special Interest Group 2.1.2 "Interactive
      of the German Association for Computer Science (GI)
                            and the
                   German Chapter of the ACM
                    in cooperation with the
    GI-Special Interest Group 2.3.2 "Design Tools for User
          November 10 and 11 1997, Paderborn, Germany

In  order  to  achieve user acceptance the  design  of  highly
interactive   user   interfaces  is   not   possible   without
involvement of the end user in the complete design process. To
evaluate design decisions by end users it is necessary to make
intermediate results observable by users already during design
by  semantically  rich prototypes. It is a  prerequisite  that
models  the design is based upon (task model, dialogue  model,
object  model,  to  mention some) are  well  defined  and  are
specified   formally   or   at   least   semiformally.    With
corresponding  tools  available, it is possible  to  construct
prototypes  without  much additional effort  compared  to  the
actual  specification  activity and without  need  of  partial
implementations.  It  is  the intention  of  the  workshop  to
heavily  engage  in these specific problems; the  goal  is  an
intensive  exchange  of  experience  and  information  between
experts in user interface design.

Invited Talks

User Interfaces:  Limitations, Experiences and the Contribution of Java

                      Bill McKeeman, PhD
Senior Consulting Engineer, Compiler Group, Digital, currently
                            at CERN

User interfaces link humans, with all their faults and skills,
to  computers with neither faults nor skills.  It is  we,  the
interface developers with our own faults and skills, that have
to  connect  them  up.  It is a recipe full of  potential  for
difficulty. I will first discuss some limitations within which
we  must  live and suggest a level of abstraction  appropriate
for dealing with the limitations.  The principal point will be
to  deal  in  units of sophisticated learned behaviors  rather
than  with the primary senses. I will then tell a story of  an
industrial effort to build the right interface to the users of
a  programming  environment.  The  process  included  customer
interviews,  a  sophisticated analysis method applied  to  the
gathered  data,  and  then  an almost  successful  development
effort.  The GUI turned out to be the least of our problems. I
will   finish  with  some  speculations  on  how  Java   might
contribute  to  the production of efficient implementation  of
user interfaces.

      Model-based Tools for User Interface Development

 (In German: Modellbasierte Werkzeuge fuer die Entwicklung von
                    Dr. Egbert Schlungbaum
              Universitaet Rostock, FB Informatik

Dieser  Vortrag praesentiert den aktuellen Stand der  Forschung
zu modellbasierten Benutzungsschnittstellen-Entwicklungsumgebun-
gen. Abgeleitet aus den Problemen der aktuellen modellbasierten
Entwicklungsumgebungen werden zukuenftige Entwicklungen  disku-

About the Workshop Program

The workshop starts on Monday, November 10, 1997, at 2 pm, and
ends the next day, Tuesday, November 11, 1997, at 5 pm.  Given
the high number of submissions we received, we decided to take
4  paper  sessions,  instead of the planned  3.   The  program
begins  and ends with an invited talk. The final program  will
be  available (and distributed) by mid-September. Please  note
that the principal workshop language is German; a considerable
amount of talks, however, will be given in English.


One can registrate electronically via the WWW under the URL

or  by  sending  the  attached  registration  form  by  email.
Registration   must   be  accompanied  by   payment   of   the
registration fee; payment of the fee before October  10,  1997
is subject to a significant reduction. The fees cover workshop
participation, the conference proceedings, and coffee and  tea
during session breaks.

Additional Information

The  workshop takes place in Paderborn, which is right in  the
middle  of Germany.  As a result of our time schedule,  it  is
possible  to travel to Paderborn in the morning of  the  first
day,  and to return on Tuesday night.  Paderborn is linked  to
the   German  highway  system  (A33).  There  are  good  train
connections from Paderborn central station (Paderborn Hbf)  to
Dortmund  and Kassel-Wilhelmshoehe, which  are  stations  with
excellent   IC/ICE-connections.  Included   are   some   train
connections within Germany:

         Place to go    dep. Paderborn Hbf   arrival
         Berlin         17:45                22:55
         Frankfurt      17:33                20:43
         Hamburg        17:45                21:22
         Muenchen       17:33                22:45
         Stuttgart      17:33                22:08

There is detailed travel- and hotel information available on
the web under the following URL

For enquiries and additional information please send mail or email

    Prof. Dr. Gerd Szwillus
    Universitaet - GH Paderborn, FB 17
    Fuerstenallee 11, D-33102 Paderborn
    Tel.:  05251 / 60-6624

We   thank  C-LAB,  Fuerstenallee  11,  D-33102  Paderborn  and
Volksbank Paderborn for their friendly support of PB'97.

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Registration Form for PB'97

Please send by email to
with the Subject             Registration PB'97.

With  this form I register for participation for the  workshop
"PB'97:  Prototyping of User Interfaces", November 10 and  11,
1997 in Paderborn, Germany.

Name  <  >

Address  <  >

EMail-Address  <  >

I  have checked the workshop fee applying for me in the  table
below and have sent the corresponding amount to

    Account No.       950 7659 200,
    Institute         Volksbank Paderborn
    Bank Code (BLZ)   472 601 21.

Members of GI and/or German Chapter ACM:  Member Number <  >

For  Students: I will provide a student certificate on arrival
at the conference.

Date: <  >

Prices in DM (German Mark)   Payment            Payment
                           until  Oct.10,97     after  Oct.10,97
Members        Full payment     ( ) 120,-      ( ) 170,-
of GI or of
the German     University staff ( ) 120,-      ( ) 170,-
Chapter ACM
               Students         ( ) 70,-       ( ) 100,-
               Full payment     ( ) 200,-      ( ) 250,-

  Nonmembers   University staff ( ) 160,-      ( ) 210,-

               Students         ( ) 70,-       ( ) 100,-

Prof. Dr. Gerd Szwillus
Universitaet - GH - Paderborn
Fachbereich 17, Mathematik/Informatik
Fuerstenallee 11, D-33102 Paderborn
Tel. ++49 5251 60-6624/-6620                       Fax: ++49 5251

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PB'97: Prototyping User Interfaces - Workshop in Paderborn, November

                   Prof. Dr. Hans-Juergen Hoffmann
Technische Hochschule Darmstadt / Darmstadt University of Technology
FB Informatik, FG PU            / Dept. of Computer Science
                           Alexanderstr. 10
                      D-64283 Darmstadt, Germany
Tel. (06151) 163410             / Phone +49+6151+163410
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