Workshop Participants:

Position Papers  (requirements)

Intelligent Support for Testing in Languages for Informal Programmers Margaret Burnett
Gregg Rothermel (not present)
Curtis Cook (not present)
Practical End User Programming with Stagecast Creator Allen Cypher 
David Canfield Smith (not present)
Language Design and Informal Programmers Thomas Green (possibly present)
David Gilmore (alternate) 
Mapping the Terrain of End User Programming Sarah Kuhn
A practical and empirical approach for biologists who almost program  Catherine Letondal
Interfaces that Give and Take Advice Henry Lieberman
Do End Users Program? David Maulsby
Studying End User Programming  Brad A. Myers 
John F. Pane
Supporting End-User Programming by Teachers in the Public Schools Mary Beth Rosson
Settling for Less than the Holy Grail   Dag Svanæs

Invited Discussants

  1. Bonnie A. Nardi, author of A Small Matter of Programming
  2. Jan Schultz, architect of PROMIS
  3. Greg Wolf,  project leader of RICOH's "Platform for Information Applications

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