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Workshop #11 at CHI 99 in Pittsburgh, PA USA  May 17, 1999

New 6/30/1999  Workshop Report   Word-97 format   (submitted for October 1999 SIGCHI Bulletin)
6/22/1999  Participants and Position Papers

The Continuum of Programming

Professional programmers have been studied for a long time.  At the other end of the spectrum, end-user programmers, who do some programming in addition to their other job duties, have received attention.  Yet what about the rapidly-expanding ranks of full-time computer professionals from informal backgrounds:: This extremely diverse group of people often exhibit characteristics of end-users, such as a concrete mindset and learning by experience; yet in other respects they are like professional programmers.  Understanding how they think about programming and relate to others in their business environment is both theoretically interesting, and practical in view of their growing economic importance.

The experience of "real" professional programmers and end users is changing, too.  When they both build interfaces by checking boxes and browsing applets in complex development environments, their roles of user and programmer are also blended.  There is a need to put together our understandings of how these different kinds of people make use of, and think about, the activity of programming.  If you have  expertise in areas such as end-user programming, the psychology and sociology of programming, you are invited to join us at CHI 99 to help formulate an agenda for research into the new continuum of programming.  Up to fifteen participants will be chosen based on position papers.
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End-User Programming

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