I gratefully acknowledge the donation of three pieces of original artwork by my fellow doctoral student in the Human-Computer Interaction group at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Computer Science Department, Guillermo Zeballos ("Zubie"):
handym.gif , which not only contributed a humorous image of the end-user programmer as "home handyperson", but the concept -- at least to me, although the concept of bricoleur is similar.  Graces multiple locations on the end-user programming pages, and also the "End-User Programming and Blended-User Programming" workshop (May 17, 1999, at the Pittsburghhome page.
handyf.gif , a gender-neutralized and color-reduced version that also appears in the End-User Programming pages.
pat2.gif , a tradesperson symbolizing the "professional blended-user programmer" on the workshop pages.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Bonnie A. Nardi and MIT Press for their permission to use the cover art for A Small Matter of Programming on my original End-User Programming web page in 1997.