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Doctorate Students

About ½ the students are at Universities or Research Centers (LSU, Utah State, UMass, Catholic University Chile, INRIA Paris, MGH, Dana Farber) and the others are in industry (AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Novartis, MITRE, IBM, Oracle, Draper, United Devices, Yahoo, and startups)

Hugh Masterman (1992) Modeling and exploiting k-sequential data reference behavior in graphics and image processing algorithms.

Weidong Wang (1992) On the automatic reconstruction of a 3D object's constructive solid geometry representation from its 2D projection line drawing.

Krishnan Seetharaman (1994) Interaction models for multi-sensory data visualization.

David Southard (1995) Vector quantization and nearest neighbor clustering with applications to image compression and data visualization.

John Peter Lee (1998) A systems process model for database exploration.

Robert Erbacher (1998) Visual Assistance for Concurrent Processing

David Pinkney (1999) A framework for iconographics: a formal model of icons, interactions and interpolations

Patrick Hoffman (ScD 1999) Table Visualizations:  A formal model and its applications.

Claudio Meneses (2002) Visual and Analytic Data Mining of Massive Data Sets

Marjan Trutschl (2002) SOMn: Constrained Self-Organizing Maps for Exploration and Feature Extraction

Urska Cvek (2004) Visual and Analytic Tools for Record Level Cluster Analysis

Ivan Galkin (2004) A Pre-Attentive Vision Model for Automated Data Exploration Applied to Space Plasma  Remote Sensing Data

Alex Gee (2004) A Universal Visualization Platform

           Howie Goodell (2006) An Architecture to Support the Co-Exploration of Data and History

           Chih-Hung Chiang (2007) Modeling, Predicting and Visualizing User Interactions 

           Jianping Zhou (2007) – Partition and Cluster Result Comparisons *

           Hongli Li (2008) – Visualization Theory: A Canonical Matrix Representations for Graphs and Applications *

           Shaun Morrissey (2009) – Real-time Visual Representation of Firewall/Security Rules or Rule Sets

           John Sharko (2009) – Vectorized RadViz with Applications to Microarray Data *

         Brian Drohan (2010) – Visual Analutics for Breast Cancer Risk Assessment **

         Fanhai Yang (2010) – A New Architecture for Collaborative Session History and Interactions

          Alex Baumann (2011) – The Design and Implementation of Weave: A Session State-Driven, a Web-based Visualization Framework

         Shawn Konecni (2011) – Scenario Design for Evaluation of  Visual AnalyticsTools to Support Biomedical Ressearch **

Doctorate Students in Progress (*= CS Bioinformatics Option, **= Biomedical Engineering and Technology)

Expected 2011

Mary Beth Smrtic – Overview Visual Analytics of Health Indicators**

Expected 2012-2015


        Kareen Abu-Zahra - Web-based Large Scale Evaluation of Visualizations

        Heather Byrne - ADA Compliance for Visualization

        Curran Kelleher - Service Oriented Architectures for Visualizaiton

        Kathleen Sheldon - VIsualization Theory

        Andy Dufilie

        Sebastin Kolman

        Shweta Purushe **

        Sanjay Anbalagan *

        Philip Kovac

        Edward Luo