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Grants and Contracts - 1986-2013

Many pending.

Associated Grant Makers: $7,000; Weave Customization for Philanthropic Databases (2011)

The Boston Foundation: $20,000; Dashboard Visualizations for the Public (2011)


PNNL: $20,000; VAST Challenge Management Supprot (2011)

Open Indicators Consortium: Continued support for research, development and deployment of Weave (see for details) (2011-2014)

Wright Patterson Air Force Base: $100,000; Visualization Theory research to include predicting measurements for the  perception, cognition and insight of data in visualizations (2011)

Pacific Northwest National Laboratories: $36,000; Generation of a synthetic data set representing data from hospitals and public health centers handling a pandemic caused by a rapidly mutating virus. Goal is to discover the virulent mutations and their origin for the IEEE VAST 2010 Challenge (2010)

Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care: $75,000; Develop and evaluate educational assessment indicators using UMass Lowell’s data visualization and analysis platform (2009-2011)


Knight Foundation: $120,000; Community-Based Data Visualization using Weave, a Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment developed at UMass Lowell (2010)

NSF Eager: $75,000; Metrics for Visual Analytics Evaluation (2009-2011)

Command Control and Interoperability Advanced Data Analysis Center: $25,000 per year base; Member of New Department of Homeland Security center to collaborate with the Purdue Center on Visualization, both together focusing on advanced visual analytics. Rutgers is lead institution (2009-2014)

Open Indicators Consortium: $1,000,000; Support for research and development of a web-based collaborative visualization systems for measures and indicators (members include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Arizona, Connecticut, Rhode Island) (2009-2011)

MGH Avon Breast Center: $270,000 Patient Risk Model Analyses, HL7 interoperability, Natural Language Processing, Visualizations, Computer Human Interaction (2007-2012)

NSF: $25,000: Support for the VAST Evaluation Workshop at the 2009 IEEE Visualization Conference (2009)

NSF: $16,000: Undergraduate Student Visual Analytics Research Support (2009)


NSF: $5,000: Support for the VAST Evaluation Workshop at the 2008 IEEE Visualization Conference

NSF: $14,000: Undergraduate Student Visual Analytics Research Support

NIST: $20,000 VAST Contest Management and Automated Social Network Scoring Metrics


Pfizer: $150,000: High Dimensional Visualization Research for Drug Discovery start

NSF (with UMd and PNNL): $408,689 Collaborative Research: Scientific Evaluation Methods for Visual Analytics Science and Technology (SEMVAST)

National Academy of Sciences (with William Mass):  $11,000 NE Measures & Indicators Prototype

Boston Foundation (with William Mass):  $5,000 NE Measures & Indicators: Regional System Tools to Advance a National Model

NIST: $25,000 VAST Contest Management and Automated Scoring Metrics

MGH Avon Breast Center: $85,000 Patient Risk Models and Visualization

BBN, Inc. $30,000 Research in Haptics and Sonification for Kinetic Displays

NIST: $24,000 VAST Contest Management and Metrics Development

MGH Avon Breast Center: $75,000 Patient Database and Development of Breast Cancer Risk Models, Table Patient Data Entry

Evident Software Inc.: $140,000 Interactive Visualization of Large and Massive Transaction Data Sets

SensAble Technologies, Inc.:  $49,000 Haptic Sound Software and API Development Research

BBN, Inc. $30,000 Research in Motion Parameters for Icon Visualizations

AnVil Informatics, Inc. $75,000 Research in Data Exploration for Bioinformatics Data Sets

Genetics Institute $154,000 Data Visualization Research

Millennium Pharmaceuticals $10,000 Data Mining and Visualization Experiments

EPA $300,000 to explore the impact of Science Modeling on High School Students (Judy Boccia PI, Center for Field, University of MA Lowell)

Pfizer $75,000 to explore Data Mining and Visualization applied to Drug Success Prediction

National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) $95,000 to explore standardization and evaluation strategies for data mining algorithms and systems

Spacetec $63,000 to explore APIs for highly interactive motion control

Pfizer $95,000 to explore Data Mining and Visualization applied to DNA analysis (with Ken Marx PI)

(NIST) $70,000 to explore visualization and data mining

ARPA $25,000 to explore interactive design issues for the MEDFAST Mobile Surgical Room (through MITRE)

ARPA $25,000 to explore interactive design issues for the Surgical Room of the Future Project (through MITRE)

NASA $66,000 to explore the integration of databases and visualization and user modeling

Department of Health and Welfare (SBIR) $5,000 to research the integration of Exvis into BBN's Prophet

IDA - Supercomputer Research Center $100,000 explore visualization /supercomputing integration

DEC $60,000 to develop inter-language execution tools

XTechnoloty Corp. $12,000 to port the X windows system to a RISC platform

DEC $80,000 for support of Digital's next generation X Terminals

Kendall Square Research $98,000 to develop a new supercomputing visualization environment

Intel Corp. $75,000 to benchmark iGL for the Intel i860 chip and design the mapping of iGL to PEX

Litton/Itek Imaging $15,000 explore Exvis for the classification of military reconnaissance imagery

DEC $40,000 to support the automatic integration of C applications in other language environments

Amoco Research Production, Inc $75,000 for research in exploratory visualization environments

Mercury Computer, Inc. $10,000 to design an interactive distributed high performance visual API

Mercury Computer, Inc. $25,000 for research in exploratory visualization environments

DEC $75,000 for research in exploratory visualization environments

Veteran's Administration $25,000 develop the Mumps X Windows C language interface mechanism

Century Computing and NASA $26,340 extend NASA'Transportable Application Environment (TAE)

Veteran's Administration $50,000 to port X Windows/Motif to MUMPS and provide training support

Sanders/Lockheed $40,000 to evaluate parallel architectures and real-time operating systems

BGS $26,000 develop a statistical graphics library for the visualization of system performance data

Eaton Corporation $45,000 to develop dynamic and highly interactive widgets for manufacturing

Veteran's Administration $36,000 to port UMASS Lowell's GKS to the MUMPS environment

DEC $5,000 to explore RISC versions of Exvis

DEC and IBM $45,000 tfor support of the ANSI X3H3.6 X Window System document editor

Data General $30,000 to develop tools for high performance demos for the AViiON 88K workstations

Computer Based Systems, Inc. $4,889 for GKS support to JNGG

Intel Corp. $346,500 to develop a high-performance graphics library for the Intel i860

Open Software Foundation $211,000 tfor C++ Motif and eto xplore dynamic and migratable objects

UML $38,900 to create a Database for Graphics Standards

Alliant Computer Systems Corp. $ 6,750 for Quality Assurance for CA's Port of DISSPLA to the FX-8

Sanders/Lockheed $85,000 for evaluation of the Behavioral Model of a Graphics Processor

Williamson Petroleum Consultants, Inc $10,000 to port GKS to the IBM PS/2 Model 80 under OS/2

Sanders/Lockheed $ 73,000 to explore B-Spline Algorithms

Sanders/Lockheed $360,000 for Software Engineering of a Graphics Environment

Sanders/Lockheed $12,225 to develop Anti-aliasing algorithms for RGGB LCDs

Texet, Inc. $25,000 to develop a CGM Interpreter

Calcomp/Lockheed $136,700 for CGI language interfaces

NEC $12,000 for software and tools development

DEC $143,740 for research in the Visualization of Scientific Data

Visual Technology $16,000 to develop software test suites

Datacube $14,000 to develop a device-independent image processing environment

Sky Computer $5,000 for research on computational graphics engines

UML $48,200 to develop the ANSI Graphical Kernel System