Dr. Georges Grinstein

      Professor - Computer Science Department

      Director - Institute for Visualization and Perception Research

      Director - Center for Biomolecular and Medical Informatics

      Office: Olsen Hall 301

      Email: grinstein at cs dot uml dot edu

      Telephone: (978) 934-3627

      Fax: (978) 934-3551


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Visual Analytics (Fall 2011)

Radical Design (Spring 2012)

Advanced Topics in Information Visualization (Spring 2012)

Data Visualization (Fall 2012)


Links to what we do best

Weave for the latest IVPR Web-based Analysis and Visualization System

A visualization of the FBI's homicide data - See IVPR for details

IEEE VisWeek


VAST Challenges 2006-2011

Lacrosse Award

Questions: contact grinstein@cs.uml.edu