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This website is dedicated to my robotics research and course work at Umass Lowell.  I hope that future generations will have at least as much fun with robotics as we did in Dr Fred Martin's class. After being a student at Umass Lowell for 2 years the courses I took did not excite me. I was considering a major change when I found my "calling" - in robotics. I took Robotics I as my project sequence and since then my attitude towards Umass Lowell has changed. I used to spend minimal amount of time at school. Just enough to pass the courses if that. Since then Engaging Computing Lab or as we call it the EC lab has become my second home.

Some of the projects I have been working on:


The Egghunt contest was organized in 2003 and one of it's goals were to introduce us to the word of robot competitions. The  objective of the contest was to collect colored eggs and take it to a Home base. More on that on it's dedicated page.


The Knight Rider ambient display project, labs 1 and 3 are using the PIC 16F876 chip and creating something useful for upcoming robot projects.


Lab 1 is a basic introduction to the PIC 16F876 chip. It is almost the "Hello World" of the PIC.


Lab 3 is a using the more sophisticated built in functions of the PIC


The Knight Rider ambient display is modeled after the early 80's TV show with the same name. In the move a car is outfitted to be an autonomous robot. There is a small LED display on the hood of the car named KITT that I built using LEDs and the PIC 16H876 chip.


The Fire Fighter Project involved building a robot for the Trinity College Fire Fighter Contest in Hartford, CT. The objective of the contest was to find a candle in a small maze, put it out and go back to the initial starting position.

If you have any questions or comments you can send an e-mail to the following e-mail address  AaronDaugh@aol.com and I will try to help you out



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