Anna Rogers (Gladkova)

I am a post-doctoral associate in the Computer Science Department at Text Machine lab, University of Massachusetts (Lowell). I work on semantics and meaning representations, at the intersection of linguistics, natural language processing, and machine learning. I hold PhD from the Department of Language and Information Sciences at the University of Tokyo (Japan).

My current work focuses on interpretability of deep learning, evaluation of distributional meaning representations, and semantic compositionality. I also lead annotation projects for sentiment analysis and temporal reasoning.

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English, French, Japanese, Ukrainian, Russian

Theoretical frameworks

Distributional semantics, frame semantics, cognitive linguistics, sociolinguistics

Programming & scripting

Python, R, Bash

Machine learning




7 May 2018: Distributional compositional semantics in the age of word embeddings. Tutorial T4 at LREC 2018, Miyazaki, Japan.
Tutorial website:

July 15 2016: Detecting linguistic relations with analogies: what works and what doesn't. Oral presentation at Google Tokyo seminar, Tokyo, Japan.