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Tanks is a multiplayer game that runs through the IRC chat client, mIRC.

Online database lists servers you can connect to.
• Servers can allow up to 32 people to play at the same time.
• Bots have 5 skill levels and can be added by the server.
• Servers can modify the following settings:
      - Normal or Instagib mode
      - Changing or constant wind
      - Frag or round limit
      - Maximum number of players
      - Public or private server

Download the game:
View the help file: tanks.txt
Get a compatible version of mIRC: mIRC635.exe
To install:
• Extract all the files in the archive to a folder.
• Run mIRC and type one of the following commands in any mIRC window:
    - If you extracted to the same directory as mIRC.exe, then type:
        /load -rs tanks.mrc
    - If the files are in another directory, then type:
        /load -rs "C:\path\to\tanks.mrc"

After you load the script in mIRC, you can type "/tanks" to start a single player game.
To start a game and wait for other players, type "/tanks 0" or "/tanks port-number".
To view a list of servers you can join, type "/tanklist".

When you and a friend are connected to an IRC server:
  - You can start a game by typing "/tanks friend" in any mIRC window.
  - If you are already in a game, "/tanks friend" will invite your friend to your game.
  - If your friend is in a game, "/tanks friend" will join the game your friend is in.

Other versions
The TI-89 version of Tanks is similar to the mIRC version. If you
have a TI-89 Graphing Calculator and a link cable, check it out.
• Source included
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