April 2005 - I was asked by someone on the yahoo handyboard mailing list to create a version of my Devcantech Compass drive that can work on a digital input other than 7. Click here to get a copy of the compass drive that works in digital input 8.

Feb 2005 - SerialSense works in cygwin for all you non-linux users. Just pass to the SerialSense contructor "COM1" or "COM2" or whichever com port it is connected to. Also, if you set it as "COM1:" you will get very strange half working results. so make sure you don't put the semicolon there.

December 2004 - The SerialSense has new firmware and updated C++ code. There used to be a problem caused by the clear set and setupIO commands because they do not wait for the SerialSense to return data. Anyways the problem was a buffer overflow in the SerialSense caused by recieving too much serial data from the computer. The new code and firmware has ACK messages between the commands to prevent the overflow. The adding-sleeps-to-code work around is no longer needed.

download serialsense1.1C.tar.gz

if the new code doesn't work for you, try the old code. maybe your SerialSense does not have the updated firmware: download serialsense1.0C.tar.gz

Fall 2004 - Right now I have been pretty busy because I joined the UML Crew Team. Here is a link to a webserver I am running that has pictures from the fall 2004 season.UML Crew Photos

This fall I am working on a project with a few other people in Fred Martin's Engaging Computing Lab. We are creating a new version of the cricket robot controler that has built in ethernet connector.

The SerialSense 1.0C is a device to connect simple sensors to a computer. The main purpose is to extend sensor capabilities of ActiveMedia's Pioneer Robots.
Get SerialSense 1.0C Documentation






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