Handyboard Library for use with GEL and GCC


Background Info -- George and Mike spent a lot of time working on getting a port of GCC for the 68hc11 to run on the Handyboards and they did it!  So I started to write a library of functions similar to Interactive C's built in functions like knob() or analog().  And for anyone who wants to continue working on this library, here is the code I wrote.  Please refer to George's website on how to use his download/talker and for more info on GEL and GCC for the 68hc11.

Also for anyone who wants to run GCC code on their Handyboard instead of Interactive C for the power wheels project, I also converted my networking drivers to code that can be linked to with GCC.


Download My Handyboard Library for GCC and GEL --


Download My Handyboard Networking Driver for GCC and GEL --


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