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  • When you make edits on this table, please write your name in the "edit summary" box.
  • All Seniors, please add your names to the colleges you have applied to.
  • If a college you have applied to is not listed, please add it to the list.
  • Please format your entries as follows:
    • If a college is in your top four colleges, make your name bold by putting three single quotes around it - '''Your Name'''.
    • If you are going Early Decision, please put (ED) next to your name and add the ED date next to the school.
    • If you are going Early Action, please put (EA) next to your name and add the EA date next to the school.
    • If you are accepted, waitlisted or "otherwise", please add the following after your name:
      • ACCEPTED!
      • Waitlisted!
      • idwtgta! (I didn't want to go there anyway!)
College Students
Amherst College (ED: Nov. 15) Paris Hilton (ED/idwtgta!)
Boston College (EA: Nov. 1) Sponge Bob (EA/ACCEPTED!), Abe Lincoln (EA), Johnson Pham
Boston University Abe Lincoln (Waitlisted!) Francis Ambe, Johnson Pham
Brown University
California Institute of Technology Allison Rugg
Carnegie Mellon
Champlain College
College of the Holy Cross
College of William and Mary Jenn Mann
Columbia University
Cornell University Allison Rugg
Daniel Webster College
Dartmouth College
Duke University Pratt School of Engineering
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering Max Saccoccio <--DENIED
Georgia Institute of Technology Antonia Gruning
Harvard University Francis Ambe, Allison Rugg
Harvey Mudd College
Lehigh University
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Francis Ambe, Allison Rugg EA idwtgta!
Merrimack College Johnson Pham
New York University
Northeastern University Antonia Gruning, Johnson Pham
Oberlin College
Olin College
Penn State
Princeton University
Purdue University Lauren Barker EA ACCEPTED
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Jenn Mann ACCEPTED! , Max Saccoccio
Rice University
Rochester Institute of Technology Max Saccoccio, Antonia Gruning
Saint Anselm College
Stanford University
Syracuse University
Trinity College of Dublin
Tufts University Allison Rugg
Union College Jenn Mann

(cellnr width=30%:) UC San Diego

Allison Rugg
University of Chicago
University of Connecticut (EA Dec.1) Jenn Mann EA ACCEPTED! , Lauren Barker EA ACCEPTED
University of Delaware Lauren Barker EA ACCEPTED
University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign
University of Limerick
University of Massachusetts, Amherst Lauren Barker EA ACCEPTED, Jenn Mann, Francis Ambe
University of Massachusetts, Lowell Max Saccoccio *** ACCEPTED! , Johnson Pham, Francis Ambe, Antonia Gruning
University of New Hampshire
University of Pennsylvania
University of Southern California
Washington University in St. Louis
Univeristy of Vermont (EA Nov. 1) Jenn Mann EA ACCEPTED! , Allison Rugg ACCEPTED
Wesleyan University
Wheaton College (IL)
Williams College
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (EA Jan. 1) Jenn Mann EA ACCEPTED! , Max Saccoccio, Allison Rugg ACCEPTED!
Yale University

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