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Important Note on Analog Sensor Values - Dec 10

We have found that some of the ADC pins let sensor readings go all the way down to 0, and on some other pins, the lowest sensor readings seemed to be between 100 and 200. The latest update of create.c and create.h has corrected this so that all the pins will behave the same, meaning analog sensors will be able to produce a value of 0 on all pins. The maximum sensor values did not seem to change much, so this correction should give you a wider range of values to work with. Please make a quick check of your sensor value readings, and see if you need to make changes to your code because of this update. (Also, pin ADC_LEFT_2 is also fixed in this update, so it will work now).

WinAVR Compile/Program Note: Choose COM Port

To download your program to the robot, the COM Port the Command Module is connected to and the COM Port the Makefile are looking for need to be the same. A common error that occurs at the Program stage (after Make All) is caused by a mismatch in the Makefile. If you can't change the COM Port of the Command Module (as shown in the installation guide), you can edit the Makefile. You must still go to Device Manager to find out which COM Port the Command Module is set as (under Ports (COM and LPT)). Then, in your Makefile, search for a line of text that says:


Change 9 to whatever port the Command Module is set to.

An Observation on USB Memory Sticks

It looks like WinAVR has trouble saving directly onto some USB flash memory sticks.
For example, you may change the com settings in the Makefile, but WinAVR still looks at the wrong port.
If you run into this kind of problem, copy your main.c, create.c, create.h, and Makefile to a folder under your name on the desktop computers hard drive (in the TEAMS folder would be best).

These creates may end up getting lumps of coal for Christmas:

0x03 October 31 (Merrill):

Front Right Cliff sensor not reading full range of strength values--limited to relatively low numbers.

0x09 November 1 (Troutt):

Front Right Cliff sensor not reading full range of strength values--limited to relatively low numbers.

0x0A November 7 (Pinals):

Left sensor doesn't work correctly.

These creates will get gold for Christmas:

0x00 - Amber

0x04 - Taylor

0x05 - Mark

0x08 - Allison

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