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Robotics Seminar

Welcome to the TEAMS Academy Robotics Exploration!

We developed this wiki site to give you all the tools you will need to program Cricket robots using the Logo Block visual programming language. We are sure you will have a lot of fun solving some interesting tasks we designed for you!

In addition to the overview below, you might want to visit the iCODE website to see their version of these instructions (they have a bit of different information!

Oct 2010 iCode Website Link Username: teams Password: academy

Click here for information needed to download and install LOGOBLOCKS

Good Luck!


1. What is a Cricket and how can I talk to it?

2. How do I control the Cricket? Logo Blocks!

We'll use a handy program called "Logo Blocks" to control the CricketBot. Logo Blocks is a very easy, visual programming tool that allows you to make the CricketBot do all sorts of fun things!

3. Try it! Use Logo Blocks to solve these simple tasks first...

a. Make your CricketBot beep three times.
Can you hear three distinguishable (separate) beeps? If not, why not? Can you fix the problem?
b. Make your CricketBot drive forward for 1.5 seconds then stop.
c. Make your CricketBot drive away from you for 1.5 seconds, turn around, then drive toward you for 1.5 seconds, and then stop.
d. Create a program using your Cricket Display? with different sensors plugged into Port A to answer the following questions. (The CricketBot should not be driving during for this program!)
i. Display touch sensor readings.
How many different values are diplayed when you "toggle" the sensor?
ii. Display light sensor readings in different spots the room or when pointing at different surfaces.
What range of values are displayed?
Does bright light give you a high or low value?
Can your light sensor detect or distinguish between colors??
iii. Display Infrared (IR) reflector sensor readings in different spots the room or when pointing at different surfaces.
What does the IR reflector sensor "see"? What could you use it for (look at the real-world tasks below)
e. Make your CricketBot drive forward and to the right in a wide circle, then stop it when its touch sensor is triggered.
f. Using two light sensors, can you make your CricketBot run away from a bright light?

4. Now can you combine these simple tasks to solve a "real-world" problem??

Get a partner, pick one of these four scenarios (pdf version) and see if you can solve it!

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Page last modified on September 30, 2010, at 06:57 PM