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TEAMS Academy to close for 2009 - 2010 School Year

Welcome to the TEAMS Academy Wiki!

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Want Red Sox Tickets?

Red Sox vs. Marlins on June 17th at 7 pm

Mr. Rhine bought tickets for the best two individual bat designs...ask Mr. Doherty and Dr. Jumper for details!


Please Read This Letter Sent Home on May 28!
(discusses graduation plans, bus cancellation June 2 - 5, extra help times, etc.)

Need AT&E Help on projects, labs, quizzes, etc.? Click here for details...

TEAMS Graduation Party -- We need to start planning and pick a date! Click into wiki planning page and help us plan!

TEAMS Academy in the are officially famous!! Lowell Sun Tewksbury Advocate

Seniors, please keep your college application/acceptance information updated!

TEAMS Academy Couple Week Lookahead Calendar

Date Day Comments
Mon Jan 26 C Overview of AT course. Intro to ATDF. (Ball 402)
Tues/Wed Jan 27/28 A/B Bats: Newton's Laws, 301 Kitson

AT: Intro to Fab process

Thurs/Fri Jan 29/30 A/B Bats: Baseball Science, 301 Kitson

AT: Overview of Eagle (3rd Floor Computer Lab)

Tues/Wed Feb 3/4 A/B Bats: FBD's, Conservation of Energy, Synthesized Bats vs Wood Bats

AT: Fab Tingler Circuit

Thurs/Fri Feb 5/6 A/B Bats: Hooke's Law, Young's Modulus, Conservation of Energy, Harmonics

AT: Check in ATDF Groups, Finish Fab (Ball 402)

Mon/Tues Feb 9/10 A/B Bats: Conservation of Momentum, COR, Hoop Mode, BRC demo's

AT: Review Ch 3 and answer questions (Ball 402)

Wed/Thurs Feb 11/12 A/B Bats: Lab..Ballistic Pendulum Olney Room # 105

AT: Lab 3 - Basic Circuit Measurements (Ball 402)

Friday Feb 13 C Bats: EXCEL WORKBENCH, Quiz (vectors, NLM, E, P & I) Room # 301 Kitson
Mon/Tue Feb 23/24 A/B Bats: Intro to Calc., Center of Mass (CM) and MOI, Room # 301 Kitson

AT: Chapter 4-5

Wed/Thur Feb 25/26 A/B Bats: Quiz, Intro to Composites, Ranking Tasks, Review Ballistic Pendulum, 301 Kitson

AT: Chapter 4-5

Fri Feb 27 C AT Quiz chapters 1 - 5 (45 min) followed by ATDF planning discussion
Mon March 2 n/a Snow Day
Tue/Wed March 3/4 A/B Bats: Unit 5.1 Elements of Mechanical Engineering & Unit 6.1 Composites Classification, 301 Kitson

AT: Chapter 6.1 - 6.4

Thurs/Fri Mar 5/6 A/B Bats: Unit 2.5 Measuring CM & MOI Lab, Start 301 Kitson, move to TEAMS Bat Workshop Area

AT: Chapter 6.5 - 6.7

Mon/Tue March 16/17 A/B Bats: Bat Fabrication Completion, Data Collection and Entry, Bat Model Developement, start in 301 Kitson


Wed/Thur Mar 18/19 A/B Bats: Unit 6.1 Composites Engineering & Unit 1.2 Product Engineering and Development, 301 Kitson


Fri March 20th C Bats: Visit to FUTURE ALLSTARS Batting Cages for a Swinging Time, Details TBA
Mon/Tue Mar 23/24 A/B Bats: Unit 1.2 Product Engineering and Development, 301 Kitson


Wed/Thur Mar 25/26 A/B Bats: Unit 2.7 Group Bat Materials Evaluation and Testing Lab, 301 Kitson


Fri Mar 27th C Bats: DP Unit 1.4 Model Development & Engineering Design, Eng. Computer Lab, 3rd Flr. Eng. Bld.


Mon April 6th C Bats: MID TERM EXAM, 301 Kitson, Study Guide Here
Mon April 13th B Bats: MID TERM EXAM RESULTS, 301 Kitson, Finite Element Model Development Eng. Comp. Lab 3rd Flr.
Tue/Wed April 14/15th A/B Bats: All Hands on Deck Finite Model Development and Testing, Eng Comp. Lab 3rd Flr.
Mon/Tue April 27/28th B/A Bats: All not Performing Bat Fab will be working Model Development & Design Spec, Eng Comp. Lab 3rd Flr.
Wed/Thur April 29/30th B/A Bats: Bat Fab or working Model Development & Design Spec, Eng Comp. Lab 3rd Flr.

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The future of the Commonwealth depends on our ability, with programs such as TEAMS,
to develop young talents who will become the inventors, the entrepreneurs, the engineers
and policy makers that sustain the environment and our world economy."
State Senator Steven C. Panagiotakos, 1st Middlesex District


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