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Group Members

  • Yen-fu Luo
  • Ekaterina Galkina
  • Bhanu Kaushik
  • Shweta Purushe

First Group meeting Notes (02/24/2012)

  • Aim decided as
    • detecting/measuring/quantification and image processing by using color intensity detection
  • discussed the use of band-aid, thread and paper as building material
  • addition of geocoding for monitoring spread of an epidemic
  • personal log of six hats
  • New bio-related products on the market
  • We were looking towards evolving features of the product and all the different compounds that can be tested using Blood samples

This allows the possibility of storing results moving in the direction of gene banks (very futuristic)

Forecast matrix:

Extreme Temperatures001010
Water0 (1)00010
High magnetic field001010
Blood viscosity101010

VC Presentation

Additional Research

Nanopore technologies has a good market for sequencing chips that are small:

Harvard Labortatory of Molecular Medicine has a cardio panel and an ear panel for testing all genes associated with these conditions (and has catchy names):



These are based on Next Generation Sequencing.

Epidermal Electronics

Single and multiple robotic capsules for endoluminal diagnosis and surgery

Microfluidic diagnostic technologies for global public health

History of Lab-on-a-Chip:

Cheap diagnostics (using paper and a printer):

1) (G. Whitesides)



MicroAPI for PortableMicrofluidicBloodDiagnostics

  • samplingSuccess() : reporting if enough blood has been sampled for tests to work
  • personalInformation()
     Input: age, sex 
     Results stored in patient object
  • diagnosis()
     Input: Medical History and Symptoms (drag and drop or checkboxes)
     Output: Disease Diagnosis and Possible Latent Disease (patient object)
     Algorithms for merging data from different specialties 
  • searchDiseaseInReport() : Query a particular disease for immediate result retrieval
  • monitoringDiseaseProgress() : For example monitoring blood sugar throughout the day
  • monitoringMedicineTaken() : personal reminder
  • sendSOS() : signaling medical emergency aid for example ambulance
  • dataTransmissionControl() : reporting the results of the microfluidic device
     With timestamp and geocode : for monitoring spread of an epidemic
     No identity of the patient

Modelling diagrams Use Case Diagrams

Use Case Dia. 1

Use Case Dia. 2

Use Case Dia. 3

Use Case Dia. 4

Use Case Dia. 5

Class Diagrams

Class Diagram

Sequence Diagrams

Sequence Diagram

Use Case Diagram


Additional research:

Edible sensors:

iPhone add-on glucose monitor:

Nanosensors for HOURLY medical monitoring:

Printable hormone monitor:

Nanosensors on a silicon chip:

Gold nanosensors:

DIY medical test:

Silicon chip technology: (Silicon Chip Spots Blood Proteins)

Protein detection:

Microchips on pills, wireless data transmission through cellphone:

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