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name matt bailey
status undergrad senior

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Links of Interest

  1. - The halfbakery is a communal database of poorly thought-out ideas for inventions. Its users can post their inventions and add links and commentary to other people's posts.
  2. Nomadic Furniture by Victor Papanek - An interesting and scary book about furniture made entirely of cardboard and recycled material from the early 70's. Note the disposable cardboard child's safety seat....bad idea.
  3. The Dad Saddle - Perhaps the most radical design of the 21st century.
  4. The Autodesk File - Chronicles the startup of Autodesk, makers of AutoCad. Good read after the Graham article. Here's the start...
    How to begin to tell the story of Autodesk? The company was so unusual in its origin, so unconventional in its growth, and so eventful has been the road that started with a small group of programmers sitting around talking about building a company and has led, so far, to a multinational company which is the undisputed leader in its market, that it's tempting just to shrug your shoulders and say ``you had to be there''.
  5. Google Maps, the fool's gold of mashups - An interesting article on the popularity of google map "mashups".
    "That's why it's a delusion to imagine that Web 2.0 mashups can solve longstanding enterprise integration problems as easily as creating a mapping mashup. Mashups that rely on core, culturally defined and universally agreed informal data structures like names and addresses are misleading outliers. They mask the true difficulty at the heart of the integration problem: "The semantic challenge is what people will come up against," warns Foody. Mashups are a great stimulus to innovation, but they haven't actually made it any easier to link specific items of information from one system to another. They've just made it look easier because they've all homed in on the few information types that already enshrine some form of pre-existing semantic structure."
  6. Interesting Mashup Matrix - Find two APIs and whether they have a mashup available.
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