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Date AssignedLecture TopicLecture MaterialsReadingHomeworkDue Date
Week 1What is Radical Design?lecture1.v1.pdfreading1hw1Wed Sept 13th, 2006
Week 2Seeing the Unseen (Creativity, IDEO and the Six Hats Approach)lecture2.v1.pptreading2hw2Wed Sept 20th, 2006
Week 3Design Techniques (IDEO and the Template Approach)lecture3.v3.pptreading3hw3Wed Sept 27th, 2006
Week 4Design Principles 1lecture4.v2.pdfreading4hw4Wed Oct 4th, 2006
Week 5Paul Graham at MITNo lecture materialContinue with reading4Continue with hw4Wed Oct 11th, 2006
Week 6Product Design - material, univeral design, social concernslecture5.v3.pdf
reading5hw5Wed Oct 18th, 2006
Week 7Project Presentations - Introduction to APIsAPIs-ggg-fredm.pptreading6hw66 am on Wed Oct 25th, 2006
Week 8API Presentations and Group SelectionDesign_Responsibility.v3.pptreading7hw7week9
Week 9Designing Software APIs and UIsRadDesign_Introduction_to_PD.pptreading8hw8Weds Nov 8th, 2006
Week 10Winning Designs 1    
Week 11Winning Designs 2    
Week 12Radical Art and Music    
Week 13Human Capabilities and Group Dynamics    
Week 14Current State of Computer Languages and Software    
Week 15Radical Software Engineering and Micro APIs    
Week 16Presentations    
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