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This is a master list of APIs that might be relevant to the Radical Design mashup process should we chose this as the final project approach. If there are several links it's that there may be several sources or versions of that API. Note that we have not tested all these APIs. These were used in the 2006 course for microAPI work and will be updated as there may be other open source APIs for each of the categories. We've just selected one or two in each of the categories. You may use any but please add it to this page and let the class know.

How to design good APIs and why they matter

Hardware or hardware-related


Graphics APIs

Scripting APIs

Google APIs

Security APIs


Yahoo APIs

Mobile Phone APIs

Khronos APIs

Open Source GIS and Mapping APIs

Others - uncertain how well they work or are maintained or just don't know enough yet

Interesting Links

Vertical applications (including Open Source ones) often have specific data sets available such as maps, census, and emails that can be used in prototyping and testing APIs and applications'''

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