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name Joel Michel
status first year master's

Tags: Student

Creative - What teachers call you when they don't want to say you are a dumbass.
But seriously, Creativity is important, and I believe Professor Donna Hardy does an excellent job of defining it for her CSU course The Psychology of Creativity.

Paul Graham and starting up

While first listening to Graham's talk about startups and get rich quick schemes, I wondered how it could possibly relate to our class, and why on earth should it warrant a field trip. But as it dragged on, I noticed one very pertinent similarity.
Graham pointed out that, As with any radically designed product, market feedback is probably the most important tool. To that end, it is important to expose the product to the public as early and often as possible. Produce the smallest, most minimal version, then try to sell that. It will quickly become clear in which directions it needs to grow. No matter how good an idea is, its worthless if nobody wants it. Know your audience!
This is definitely an extremely helpful point no matter what sort of product you are trying to launch.

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