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Damon Berry
Annabelle Cho

We had two original projects that got cancelled, but you can read about them here.


Read eMail and Search a Local Directory for Documents that Best Match a Selected eMail, then use Speech-to-Text to Read a Document To You

The idea is that you type in your email address, password, and the mail server that connects to that account, and click a "Read Mail" button. We then read the mails in your inbox, and put them in a table. Also, you can specify a local directory on your machine, click a button that says "Index", and we use lucene to index that directory.

When you select a mail in the mail table, we search in the lucene index based on the subject line and body of that mail. What we get back is a document hierarchy, which we populate into another table.

When you select a document in the document table, we use Speech-To-Text to read that selected document to you.

The project is called "Top Ten", because our initial vision was to only display the top ten documents that matched the email selected.

Our radical redeployment of our micro api is a product that allows to cross reference two document directories. This redeployment is basically the same product as the original vision, except we have thrown out the email aspect of the micro-api. In place of reading mails from a specified email account, we instead read text files from a specified local directory (essentially the Replacement Template from Goldenburg and Mazursky). You to specify a source file directory, and index a destination document directory. You select a source file in the source file directory, and we search in the index. We return a hierarchy of the documents in the destination document index.

You can read more about this project here.


You can download this project (executables and source code) by clicking here.

To run the main application:

  • download the zip of the project above.
  • unzip it.
  • the launch the file called launch.main.bat

To run the second "redeployment" application:

  • download the zip of the project above.
  • unzip it.
  • the launch the file called launch.redeploy.bat

These bat files will launch on windows. To launch on mac/linux/unix, you'll need to read the following files and create comparable shell scripts.

  • setc.bat (to set classpath, for either application).
  • gogui2.bat (for the main application).
  • gogui3.bat (for the redeployment application).


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