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LEARN Eyeglasses are considered as being the world’s most important invention. According to an article on Newsweek Magazine on January 11, 199,”reading glasses are one of the most important inventions for the past 2000 years.” Moreover, Dr J. William Rosenthal presented eyeglasses as a mixture, a combination of different field. :”philosophers, mathematicians, physicians, microscopic, astronomers and chemists all played vital role in development this instrument.” It is also important to notice the contribution of artisans, like glassmakers, jewelers and clockmakers. Image magnification is the base that leads to eyeglasses, but no one really knows about the early history of image magnification. Based on certain early facts recorded, Italy is granted as being the country where glasses first appeared precisely the city of Pisa around 1286. They were not really viewed as invention but instead a bright idea or “adaptation”, the first pair of glasses was invented by a lay person in order to make profit by taking existing mounted stones and connected them with a rivet. Later the (primary source) documentation is provided by two monks Giordano Da Rivalto and Alessandro Della Spina to support the fact and on February 23, 1306, Giordano mentioned the name in a sermon: “it is not yet twenty years since there was found the art of making eyeglasses which made for good vision, one the best arts and most necessary that the world has.” He coined the word “occhiale” (eyeglasses). Many cities contribute to the emancipation of eyeglasses, such as Venice for being the most advanced center medieval glass industry. However, Florence was the one to innovate, produce, sale and spread of spectacles around Italy in the middle of the fifteen century. It produced convex lenses for presbyopia, concave (diverging) lenses for myopias. With the invention of printing by Jordan Gutenberg, manuscripts were prepared about this invention. Bifocals or split lenses were improved in London by Benjamin Francklin, The upper portion was ground for distance vision while the lower portion was ground for the near vision.. Later by 1799, McAllister established the first optical shop, his son importing cylindrical lenses for astigmatism.

From century to century, people have designed multiple kind of frame and so far new perspective still occurs along the way. The most important part of eyeglasses is the lens; it is the interaction between the eyes and the environment.

LOOK Eyeglasses are wearing everywhere around the world, and every culture or society seems to adapt to them in the same fashion way, with the same functionality. It is not a question of gender, race, but a universal instrument that fits all social classes, rich and poor, young and adult. Everyone who uses eyeglasses seems to have a common goal, improve their vision either better for reading, or prescribed by a optician after eyes’ diagnostics and consultation. Young people most often emphasis on the frame of eyeglasses, the size. Nowadays, big size of lens for sunglasses is prevalent while the size for other type of eyeglasses tends to become smaller.

ASK Based on a survey, eyeglasses are wearing just to improve the sight. Some people are able to see object clearly when using eyeglasses either they are farsighted or nearsighted. Other people can visualize tiny letter or object using their eyeglasses. People use eyeglasses just to read or drive at night. They can see quite well but eyeglasses improve their vision while focus on a specific task such reading, driving. What if all those functions were combined together to get a U- Eyeglasses, such process would involve the near and farsighted eyeglasses, sunglasses to be all in the same frame but controlled by the user. In addition, a GPS could be implemented for direction as well as memory card to save and retrieve information. The U-Eyeglasses will be able to project image in a wall and serve as mobile TV, it will be also an enable Wi-Fi devices.

U-Eyeglasses could stand as universal Eyeglasses not only because they are multi tasks but also they can be used by anybody. A real fact could serve as example; I have a blind man living in my neighborhood; as usually, he used the walk way to go back in forth; one day, they had to work on the walk way, so he had to wait someone to help and ensure him that it is safe to cross and use the other side. However, using U-Eyeglasses with GPS, real time and voice, he could reach his destination without spending hours waiting for a Samaritan. This is also hands free instrument; get your direction safe, watch TV while your hands are in your pocket.

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