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Homework Assignments

  • Assignment One
    • Web Search about "Radical" Design/Materials
    • Product of Interest Research: Shower Unit
  • Assignment Two :
    • User Manuals for 5 of the Look/Learn/Ask/Try Categories
    • One of the Methods used for Evaluating that Product
    • Using a "Hat Color" to Discuss that Product
  • Assignment Six
    • describe APIs, also write code for 1 of the 2
    • for next session, you will show your live code and describe both
    • you will show the code running next week
    • you will make PPT slides for the 2 slides

Group Project in Workstation Group

  • Assignment Three
    • Competitive Product Survey
    • Still Photo Survey
    • Extreme User Interviews
    • Bodystorming
    • Results and Analysis
  • Assignment Four
    • Forecasting Matrix
    • Attribute Dependancy Template
    • Replacement Template
    • Venture Capital Presentation
    • Environmental Presentation
  • Assignment Five

Group Project in GroupFive

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