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HomeworkOne Reading Reactions

  • Paul Graham - "Hackers and Painters"
    • advocates a debugging procedure for the creative process, "sketching" and shaping the product into the final element.
      • figure out what you want for a program's function(s) as you're doing it instead of outlining it on paper beforehand.
    • empathy is the secret to success; know thy consumer.
      1. This brings to mind a discussion from my Health Informatics class about an early database computing system that assigned chemical elements proprietary numeric identities (Ex: potassium was computed as 3000, instead of the symbol K), which had nothing to do with their actual identities. Instead of saving time for the lab workers, it caused more grief than good when they were forced to translate the numbers into elements and vice versa.
  • Paul Graham - "Why Nerds are Unpopular"
    • Noticable differences in the early stages of life
      • Inverse relationship with being smart (nerdy) and being popular in school
      • Nerds don't tend to care to work up to being popular, in essence surrounding themselves by people on a different wavelength.
    • School and the vanishing of the apprentice from society
      • Teenagers used to have a function and value, now they get dropped off at school to learn a vast majority of pointless things that Graham doesn't consider helpful in the real world.
  • Grinstein, Kuhn, Martin - "From Pencils to Software to Processes to Clothing"
    • Course Description, Theoretics, and Goals


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