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Who And What

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  • figure out native drivers for position 2d (using Pioneer and/or Roomba as reference) (Player driver API)
  • resurrect the Blackfin code (either from SVN or a computer in 306)
  • make Phission work with Gazebo
  • make Phission work with random webcam
  • figure out what are the unlabeled LEDs on the MCP control panel
  • figure out why the motors aren't working
  • figure out why the remote e-stop did not save students from getting injured (ryan thinks it's dead C cells)
  • figure out where Tor is
  • debug the GPS
  • create an MCP model for Gazebo based on the Pioneer
  • create a map of the performance arena for Gazebo

High level goals

  • having a Live Disk that gives you Player/Gazebo/Phission and the same API as the MCP
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