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Who And What

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Technical Specs

Player Compatability

Player 2.1.x

Batteries - 12v AGM rate at 50aH weighing in at 35lbs each

12v Subsystem is one battery that runs the computer system, sick range finder, monitor, and safety system.
Currently the 12v subsystem runs at 8A continuous for about an hour. This equals 8Ah (not 50)
24v Subsystem is two batteries run in series that only feed the motors through the motor driver.

Motor Controller

Roboteq AX3500BP
2x 60A bi-pole output
Operating Voltage: 12-40v

Computer System

Intel DG45Lf MicroAtx Motherboard
80gb 2.5" 7500rpm harddrive
2.8Ghz Core 2 Duo processor
Fireboard Blue PCI-e Firewire card
Mini-Box 12v smart power supply


Invacare 24v Weelchair motors

Drive Train

Skid steer all whell drive. 4chains, one per wheel


Apple iSight auto aperture/focus color firewire camera


Devantech Magnetic Compass Module CMPS03
Talks through a Serial Sense as a digital sensor to the computer.


US Global Sat BU-353 usb GPS module
Garmin GPS-16x (rs-232 to usb)

Range Finder

Sick LMS200
180 degree sweep
80m Range (indoors)
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