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This is now outdated do not use this repo

Subversion Repositories


There are two repositories on at this time. One is used for project source files we will all be creating over the course of the class. The other is a backup of the important files on the MCP robot itself (and should not be modified).
The project repository is organized by semester:
    • /S08
      • /trunk (Everything from last year is in here... organization isn't great, I'll try to move the important stuff over)
    • /S09
      • /trunk (Common files that everyone should use, like the motor control driver, will reside in here)
      • /users (We should each have a folder in here for our code, plus homework and report documents we may write)
        • /gpilla (This is my directory)

Checking out files from command line

You'll need to get an account on the techcreation server first.
When you run svn commands, you will be asked for a password (multiple times for some). Use the password on your account on the techcreation server, and enter each time you are prompted.

Project Repository

svn co svn+ssh://

MCP Backup Repository

svn co svn+ssh://

Working with SVN

If you are collaborating with others on a single project, you should update your local copy before working:

  • svn update

When you create a new file in your local copy, it also has to be added to version control:

  • touch obstacle-avoid.cpp
  • svn add obstacle-avoid.cpp

Other linux shell commands, like mkdir, mv, cp, and rm, also exist as svn sub-commands, for organizing the repository:

  • cd MCP/users
  • svn mkdir gpilla

After you have modified your local source and feel confident of it's stability, you can 'save' your changes to the repository like so:

  • svn commit -m "This message briefly describes what changes I made"

Subversion Clients


Use the command line. If you're using Debian distro, you can install subversion by running sudo apt-get install subversion


TortoiseSVN is a good SVN client:


Simple and free: SVN Finder Scripts:
SmartSVN is highly recommended:


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