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91.451 Robotics II and 91.548 Robot Design

(aka MCP III.5 2010)

Current News

Here are the current lab assignments (what people are doing what).
Here are the Trinity competition and the rule documents for the Trinity teams.
The google group is created and we have done our best to add everyone to the list.
if you do not receive an invite send a request to
Hello everyone, It is a new year and the MCP III.5 is running beautifully.
Last year at the 2009 IGVC competition we came in 5th place in the GPS challenge and top 10 overall. There were over 50 teams entered into the competition and we were second to qualify.


Weekly Handouts

Week 1

Week 3

Week 4

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8 & 9

Final Weeks



Assignment 1

Assignment 2



For each reading, you should write a page of text. In the first paragraph, summarize the paper (briefly). Then list discussion points for the paper. These can be pros and cons of the approach, or could be discussion points for the design of our robot system. Papers will be discussed in class on the date they are due. Write ups are due in class.

Week 1 (Out 1/26, Due 2/2):

Michelle Bovard, Matthew Gillette, Trishan de Lanerolle, Bozidar Marinkovic, Nhon H. Trinh, Peter Votto, David J. Ahlgren, Kundan Nepal, and Amir Tamrakar. Design evolution of the Trinity College IGVC robot ALVIN. Journal of Robotic Systems, Volume 21 Issue 9, Pages 461 - 469, Special Issue: Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) 2003 Special Issue (Part 2), Published Online: 30 Jul 2004.

MCP 2008 Report

MCP 2009 Report

Week 2 (Out 2/2, Due 2/23):

S. Thrun et al. (2006). "Stanley: The robot that won the DARPA Grand Challenge." Journal of Field Robotics, 23(9), 661692.

C. Urmson et al. (2006). "A robust approach to high-speed navigation for unrehearsed desert terrain." Journal of Field Robotics, 23(8), 467508.

Living machines -- B Hasslacher, MW Tilden - Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 1995

A robust layered control system for a mobile robot -- RA Brooks - 1985

Motor schema based navigation for a mobile robot: An approach to ů -- RC Arkin - Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Robotics and ů, 1987

Fast Cheap and Out of Control

Rocky 7


Competition Videos

2007 Unofficial Navigation Run Video

2007 Official Navigation Run #2 Video

Rules and Regulations

IGVC competition site

IGVC Game Rules pdf

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