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This is where information will be placed for the electronic speed control.

Rough Power Estimation This is a best guess for the max currents needed by the three main system voltages 36, 24,and 12V.

36V - 32.1A Total

  • Motors and Driver 25A
  • 24V DC-DC Converter 0.88A
  • 12V DC-DC Converter 6.25A

24V 1.05A Total

  • Sick Laser 0.8A
  • Ethernet Hub 0.25A

12V - 20A Total

  • CPU1 10A
  • Other Electronics and Sensors 5A
  • Dell 14" LCD Monitor - 3A

Preliminary Power Block Diagram

This is my best guess on the power consumption of the different components.

Possible 12V DC/DC Converters

  • 12V, 12.5A $145.00
  • Artesyn Technologies BXB150-24S12FLT

Possib;e 24V DC/DC

  • 24V, 2.08A $85.46
  • CUI Inc, VHB50W-Q24-S24
  • CONVERTER DC/DC 24V 2.08A 50W

info from Chris King: Hi Fred,

Here's the link to the voltage converter website:

In particular, we are interested in the part AE-DC15-84.15A.12. You can see the spec sheet at:

Unfortunately, you cannot just order it online, it appears as though you need to email their sales department at the following address:

Don't worry, it doesn't seem that there are high-volume purchase requirements, they quote the price at $96 for between 1-10 items. Even though the company does not appear to have a branch in the United States, they seem very to international sales. From the website: "We are currently building a international dealer network for our DC-DC converters. If Adequate Energy is not yet represented in your country, Adequate Energy will airpost your DC-DC converter (arrival within 4 - 10 business days) at no extra charge for orders of under 10."

Do we need info on 36V to 24V converters for the SICK laser as well?

-Chris K

Motor Drivers

Sidewinder Dual 80A Speed Controller $399.00

IBC Dual Motor + 2AUX Speed Controller TWO x 50 Amp $258.99

Devantech MD03 20A current capacity $125.00 (x2)

P/N Victor-HV-36-24 120A/90A Continuous $199.95(x2)

AX1500 Cost Optimized, 2 x 30A Brushed DC Motor Controller 199.99 = $390.07

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