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I just sent this to the email list

It seems to me that there are two major factors in this decision.

First of all, if the M$ robot studio requires all code be written in C#, 
(as i believe nathan indicated to be true) All our existing code would be 
in the WRONG language.  Translation is possible, but cumbersome.

Second, Player-Stage has a limited number of pre-made modules.  We would 
be doing a good deal of work from the ground up in order to simulate the 
MCP's behavior.  Lookin at the list, M$ studio has significantly more, tho 
i dont know how many would be usable in our project.

Other than that, they are fairly comparable.  The gazebo package has VERY 
similar functionality to M$'s 3-D simulator, (with a much more linux-esque 
interface).  And either one allows us to run whatever operating system we 
like on the robot itself, so theres still no need for windows there.  On 
the other hand, Player-Stage requires that both development and execution 
systems be running linux, and since all the machines in the lab are already 
running windows...

Overall, I'm not making a great case for Player-Stage. However, it does 
have one significant advantage.  All our pre-existing work on the robot 
has been done using this package.  If there are any significant hurdles 
involved with porting the project over to M$, we should abandon it and 
stick with P-S.

Nathan, if you have any info on your "service" for M$, I'd like to hear it.

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