Cricket Tutorial — The Cricket Logo Interface, Run This Line

After you've got the basics of typing Logo commands to the Cricket, you are ready to use the full Cricket Logo programming interface. This is what it looks like:

                     Run Button ^

Notice the text field labeled Run This. Any command you type into this line is triggered when you press the white “Run” button on the Cricket. For the Virtual Cricket, you triggered its program by clicking on its white button (labeled in the lower right corner of the Cricket).

Let's try it. Follow these steps:

  1. Type a, onfor 10 rd into the Run This line.
  2. Click the Download button—this installs the Run This line (and the Procedures) into the Cricket.
  3. Now, click on the white circle labeled Run Button on the Cricket itself.

The Cricket's motor should turn on for 1 second. If you click on the Run Button again, the motor should turn again, in the opposite direction. If this were a real Cricket, you could take it away from the computer and trigger its program whenever you like!

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