Cricket Toy Box — Cereal Dispenser Toy Box, Stage 2

Now the cereal bowl has a touch sensor, which is plugged into the Cricket's Sensor A input. So you can check whether the switch is pressed using the “switcha” command.

Here's how the setup looks now:

Your task is to extend the dispenser program so that it waits for the bowl to be pressed against the sensor before opening the cereal gate. After running your program, you'll have to click-and-drag the cereal bowl into place to trigger its touch sensor!

Then you still have to reverse the motor's direction and close the dispenser, or the cereal will fill the bowl and spill all over the table!

Are you ready to begin? Click the button below to open a new window with the Cereal Dispenser Cricket Toy.

After you've programmed the Cereal Dispenser, close the Cereal Dispenser browser window to return here.

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